How to Generate More B2B Leads with Killer Landing Pages

Posted by Wendy Marx

Mar 7, 2016


Last week we discussed how to convert prospects into customers with the perfect CTA. And we trust you're now getting more clicks on your CTAs!

The 2 Best Ways B2B PR Drives Traffic to Landing Page

Posted by Wendy Marx

May 19, 2014

In my last post, The Secret To Making B2B PR Accountable: Landing Pages, we examined landing pages and their importance to B2B PR. But how do you get someone to visit your landing page?

Remember this key fact: If you build a landing page, prospects won’t necessarily come. You need to incent them.

The great news is there are effective tactics for corralling potential customers and routing them to the appropriate landing page. Here are two excellent ones:


B2B PR as Landing Page Vehicles

  1. Press Releases: Press releases are powerful and effective in moving prospects from across the web to your landing pages. Motivated companies can post press releases to PR distribution websites like Business Wire and PR Web. These posted press releases get read and consumed by potential customers from across the internet.

The added bonus is that these PR distribution websites are a great potential source of leads and new customers.  How do you turn a traditional press release into a lead generation tool? Include a call-to-action button at that bottom of a press release. Typically, these call to action buttons promote some piece of premium content like an e-book, slideshare presentation or an industry white paper.

If the call to action is visually engaging, and highlights a piece of valuable content you will effectively move prospects to your landing pages. So start by posting your press releases not only to your website but to B2B PR websites like Business Wire and PR Web and include a CTA in every press release. You will be amazed at the effect that this has on your lead generation.

Email Marketing as Landing Page Vehicles

  1. Email Marketing: Another incredibly powerful way to drive prospects to your landing pages is through email marketing. Email, while not the sexiest of tactics, is still one of the most effective. By emailing prospects and customers, you deliver your content right to their inbox, whether that be on a work computer, a personal tablet or their mobile device.

By using landing pages in conjunction with your outbound email campaigns you effectively accomplish two tactics:  

  • You make sure that you don’t overwhelm the prospect with too much content when they initially open the email.

  • You provide a simple and easy way (landing page) to access more information about the product or service with one click.

Tracking: Additionally, landing pages allow you to track your campaign’s success. By putting tracking code (Google Analytics) on your landing pages you can effectively see where your prospects are coming from on a daily basis. This granular information will help you as you gage the effectiveness of all your different marketing and PR channels: paid search, email marketing, SEO, social media and press releases.


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