10 Shrewd Ways to Promote Your B2B Press Release in Social Media

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(Post updated: Dec. 13, 2017)

Everyone loves a bargain. And when it comes to promoting your B2B press release, leveraging social media is perhaps the best and most economical way. A strong social media release strategy will help you to build relationships with customers and create brand recognition.

One of our favorite marketing tools is the press release.  Yes, you read that correctly! Others may balk and even claim that press releases have passed their expiration date. But used in the right way, press releases can strengthen your overall PR strategy and help you reach your goals.

Press releases provide an ever expanding web of links back to your site, survive online for years, and generate high-quality leads. To that end, social media for B2B has become a valuable resource to promote your release, and get the most out of it. 

Fortunately, we've got you covered with our all-inclusive guide to promoting press releases using social media for B2B. Read on to get the goods.


Used in the right way, press releases can strengthen your overall PR strategy Tweet: Used in the right way, press releases can strengthen your overall PR strategy @wendymarx TO TWEET



10 Secrets to Creating a B2B Social Media Strategy to Promote Your B2B Press Release

You've launched your release to the public. Now what? Well, don't expect the phones to start ringing just yet. You've got more work to do. Let's look at how you can create your own press release social media strategy, and attract more attention to your news release.

1. Include a Click to Tweet Button

Get your free Click to Tweet Button here. This is a button that you'll want to include in your B2B press release that allows readers to easily tweet your press release's message to their followers. You've probably seen one before, but perhaps never knew how easy it is to create your own. Check out our click to tweet button:


To do this, we created a free image in Canva, then shortened a link to our post using Bitly, and simply added the link to our click to tweet image. 

2. Release a Preview on Twitter

Provide a brief description on Twitter of your press release. Make sure to include a link directly to your release. Many companies use the hashtag #pressrelease, while others use the word BREAKING in bold letters to introduce their news. 


3. Use Social Media Language in Your Release

The modern press release strategy is veering toward social more than ever before. Embrace this change and create your press release to fit into the social media for B2B scene. 

As part of your press release social media strategy, don't be afraid to use hashtags and Twitter handles when you promote it on social media. This facilitates social sharing and expands your audience.

New Call-to-action


4. Leverage Images

Images are a vital component of B2B social media best practices -- but that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. It doesn't take a degree in graphic design to create compelling images that support your social media release.

It's so easy to create professional graphics for social media, that there's just no reason not to. Again, we favor Canva for this task. Check out the difference a quality image makes even with what might seem to be a ho-hum news item, such as this from concrete giant, LafargeHolcim:



Notice that the company did use the #pressrelease hashtag. However, the engagement on this post is next to nothing. On the other hand, check out what a nice clean image does for boosting engagement:



Impressive, isn't it? 38 Retweets and 28 likes isn't bad for a concrete company! A stock photo (available for $1 at Canva) combined with brief, eye-catching text will do wonders for the visibility of your tweet. 

Exercise caution in this area, though. Not just any image will do, as the following example demonstrates:



Besides the creepy floating heads, the text is too blurry to read, and doesn't give you an understanding of what the press release is all about. 


It's so easy to create professional graphics for social media, that there's just no reason not to Tweet: It's so easy to create professional graphics for social media, that there's just no reason not to @wendymarx TO TWEET


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5. Make Your Release Social Media Ready

There are several ways that you can enhance your press release for social media. Make it easy for your readers to share it with their audiences by including social sharing buttons right in your press release.

Also make sure your release is optimized for all your social networks. As we mentioned above, this means including short, tweetable sentences for Twitter audiences. Create charts and infographics that people can post to social media.

All of your images should be sized appropriately for each social network. Twitter, Facebook, and others all have their own image size requirements. If your images aren't sized appropriately, the social networks could cut off key elements of your visuals. So pay attention to the sizes you choose.


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6. Nurture Relationships with Journalists

This is something you can do even before your press release is ready to be promoted -- and a key part of B2B social media best practices. The last thing you want to do is approach a journalist only when you need to promote your press release. They are people too, and approaching them only at a time of need may  make them turn a deaf ear to your request -- especially if it's not the newsiest tidbit. 

Instead, invest some time in developing a rapport with various journalists in your industry. Engage them with comments, likes, and shares of their social media posts. But beware! You don't want your engagement to sound canned. Reach out only when you can sincerely add value to their comment thread. 

Research journalists within your industry. Learn what their interests are and read their past articles. This will give you a solid basis on which to approach them.

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7. Pay to Promote a Tweet

If you want your social media news release to reach beyond your current followers, you can easily promote a tweet using Twitter Ads. These promoted tweets target your press release towards a specific audience.

These ads do come with a price tag, but it doesn't have to be exorbitant. Twitter puts you in control and allows you to set a daily budget for promoted Tweets. This allows you to work within the funds you have. 

8. Did We Mention You Need to Use Images?

Using eye-catching images on Twitter is important. However, it's absolutely critical if you want to utilize image based apps such as Pinterest and Instagram as part of your B2B social media strategy

Instagram posts do not include clickable links, so your image really needs to say it all. Think of Instagram and Pinterest as the poster advertisements for your press release. Your image should grab attention, but also give a clear message about the content of your social media release. Include the web address either in the image itself, or in the description. 

9. Use Video

Is your press release about a new product launch? A 15-second video showing your staff brainstorming to develop the new product, or something else engaging, personalizes your press release. 

Many social media channels these days make it easy to post video -- even live-streaming video. The success  of video on social media is unmistakable -- on Twitter alone, video views have grown an estimated 220X since 2014. Why not use this tool to boost the viewership of your press release?

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10. Use Your Blog

Your blog is a key element to promoting your press release -- and can encourage sharing of your good news on social media. Create a summary of your press release to post in your blog or in a release section of your website. 

While it might sound easier to simply copy and paste your press release into your blog, resist the urge. This is actually counterintuitive, and damages your SEO -- search engines will penalize you for duplicate content. Instead, summarize the high points of your press release, and include any images, infographics, or charts to sweeten the deal.

A Few Key Points to Remember...

  • Include a Click to Tweet button so that others can easily tweet your press release to their audiences
  • Set your own budget to promote a tweet that will draw attention back to your press release
  • Create images to enhance the look and feel of your press release, and attract people to your press release
  • Use video to add more umph to your press release

Yes, the press release is alive and well, and settling nicely into the 21st century. Have you found other ways to promote your press release? Let us know in the comments below.

If you're wondering how to create an effective press release, check out our guide, How to Write a Press Release That Attracts AttentionYou'll learn how to create a press release that drives traffic and get results!


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