10 Tips to Design a Sensational B2B Newsroom

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If ever there was a time to build your corporate newsroom, it's yesterday. Newsrooms are one the most important tools in your B2B PR work belt,  yet one of the most under-utilized among your competitors. Want to get ahead of the curve? Let's talk about how to build (or rebuild) your newsroom from the ground up!


Elements of a Sensational B2B Newsroom

Did you know:


98% of journalists use an online search to uncover topics worthy of press coverage?

Make your B2B newsroom stand out with these elements:

1. Make Your Newsroom SEO Friendly










Journalists, and anyone else for that matter, don't want to wade through a bunch of mumbo-jumbo just to get to the actual event you are publicizing. Sprinkle a generous dose of keywords throughout your newsroom template page as well as in your press releases.

This aids journalists to quickly find exactly what they want they want. Of course, it also helps your SEO ranking and visibility. 

2. Archive Your Releases with the Right Tags

If you have a lot of press releases, categorize your press releases by topic. 

Categorizing helps journalists to avoid wading through years of releases, some of which may not be at all relevant anymore.

Make sure you:

Include a search bar that allows viewers to search just within your newsroom.

3. Include Contact Info for Your PR Reps

Some journalists report clicking through five or more pages before finding contact info for the PR person! This presents a prime reason for them to skip your newsroom altogether and go where the searching is easy.

Want to take it a step further? Include a brief bio and headshot of each one of your PR spokespersons on your newsroom page. You can also list which topic each person specializes in.






4. Add Visual Aids

On each news piece, include visual aids that are, if possible, downloadable or embeddable. Charts, infographics, videos, and images help your story while giving journalists appealing material for creating a story worth sharing.

Make sure you:

Create SEO-friendly visual aids by including keywords in the description. 

5. Report on Industry Trends and Topics

Your newsroom should not exist uniquely to blab news pertaining to your company. In fact, this is a stellar time for you to shine as a thought leader.

Curate information on industry trends and issues and you will become the go-to source for journalists.

6. Create an Emergency Template  


The last thing you want is a PR emergency. However, you have to be prepared for the possibility that you'll need to issue a statement on a moment's notice. 

Create a template that can easily be updated from anywhere you have an internet connection. Some call these "dark pages." Create the page ahead of time and then simply plug in the relevant details as the need arises. Make sure to include contact info for the PR point person handling any such crises. 

7. Include Social Sharing Buttons

This is a must-do for nearly every corner of your website, but it is perhaps even more important for your B2B newsroom. Include share buttons to allow your readers to publicize your content for you.

8. Include Email Opt-In and RSS feed Options


Automate the delivery of your news by including an email update option and RSS feed option. Instead of making journalists search for news, bring it right to their inbox!

9. Measure The Results of Your Newsroom

Are reporters the primary vistors to your newsroom? Or is it stockholders or other viewers? How would you know unless you incorporate metrics to extract that information?

Analytics allow you to define exactly who is visiting your newsroom and which paths they take as they navigate. The more you know your audience, the better you can tailor your newsroom to their needs. 

10. Create Compelling Newsroom Content 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but what some corporations consider as newsworthy is, in fact, a giant snooze fest. Remember, your newsroom should serve journalists and others looking to you for the latest industry updates. 

Your corporate newsroom should feature a melange of internal news, industry news, opinion pieces, and customer tips and advice. 

How to Create Killer Press 

Landing press coverage does not happen by accident. Rather, you need to strategically place your company in the limelight by creating a stellar newsroom and crafting killer press releases.

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Sep 9, 2015

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