12 Expert Guides to PR Measurement

Posted by Wendy Marx

 12 Expert guides to PR measurement

Your PR measurement matters -- it is like the dashboard of your car, letting you know when you're going too fast or when to check your oil. But how do you know what PR metrics are important to your overall strategy? 

Entrepeneur and marketer extraordinaire, Seth Godin, says

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic." Click to Tweet

The dilemma for many is that goods and services are easily quanitified. But, how do you assess PR results? How do you quantify the success of building relations or how well your stories are received? How can you analyze "magic?"

And yet, you must analyze results, or else you won't know what's working and what's not. Any PR firm worth its weight knows that you can't approach PR with a lackadaisical attitude.

To that end, I thought it would be helpful to round up 12 expert measurement guides. I've rounded it out to include guides on measuring your content marketing, client relationships, and social media since we all know that these are critical to your PR success.

Top 12 Expert Guides to Measuring PR Results

These guides are in no particular order, since they're all fantastic resources!

1. 6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance

by Derek Edmond

Derek's play-by-play on the nitty gritty of content marketing performance is in depth, but not overwhelming. 

He addresses the common challenges we all face in content marketing and how to use common tools, such as Google Analytics to increase brand recognition, thought leadership, and engagement. 

2. Diagnosing the Health of Your Client Relationships

by Hubspot

Happy and loyal clients are the lifeblood of any firm.

In this guide, Hubspot outlines "tips and tricks for maintaining the health and happiness of your clients using both happiness and profitability metrics."

3. PR Measurement: 8 Inspirational Quotes & Lessons

by Ervin & Smith

This SlideShare presentation underscores the reality of measuring your PR. It includes quotes from marketing legends, such as Arthur C. Nielson, and how to apply their concepts in practical ways. 

4. Getting Your Public Relations Measurement Program in Shape for 2016

by Derek Lyons

Derek gives you a quick reminder of what you should already be doing, as well as some extra tips for boosting your PR in the coming year.

5. 3 Ways Press Release Measurement Can Inform Your Message Strategy

by Shannon Ramlochan

The press release is alive and well, yet many underestimate its efficacy in the PR world.

Shannon states that "press release reporting is an indispensable tool for demonstrating ROI and finding new opportunities to improve your message strategy."

Her practical guide shows just how this is accomplished. 

6. 5 Tactics to Maximize ROI of your B2B Public Relations

by Wendy Marx

I would be remiss if I didn't include my own guide to measuring PR. Here, I delve into how to use press releases, multimedia, and social channels to drive measurable results.

7. 5 Key Social Media Metrics and Priorities Your CEO Cares About (Podcast)

by Pam Moore

This podcast tackles the struggle marketers face in the corporate environment and how to overcome them by providing metrics that matter the most to those making your budget allowance.

8. Payback: The ROI of SM & PR Measurement

by Sandra Fathi

This SlideShare teaches you how to measure what matters, specific methodologies to measurement, and how to not go crazy with impulsive over measuring.

(Click here to see how you can clearly measure and boost the ROI of your B2B content marketing strategy.)

9. How Can PR Measurement Benefit Your Business?

by Gorkana

"If we cannot prove the value of what we do, we will never command the fees that we should." ~ David Gallagher

The concept of this thoughtful quote is the basis for this SlideShare that instructs you on how to write measurable goals, valid metrics, and how to be flexible in your expectations. 

10. The PR Professional's Defininitive Guide to Measurement


They're not kidding about this being a definitive guide. From a 10-point checklist, to how to measure social media campaigns, this collaboration aims to encourage more PR professionals, working in consultancy and in- house, to regard measurement as an everyday part of what they do.

11. PR Measurement That Matters

by Ragan's PR Daily

This downloadable ebook is "a road map for measurement with a number of helpful guides along the way."

It feature's case studies from Adobe, McDonald's USA, and Roche that show you how to practically apply expert advice from top PR pros.

12. New PR 2.0 Measurement - Part I and Part II

by Deirdre Breakenridge

PR superwoman, Deirdre Breakenridge has been breathing life back into public relations by embracing socialized media. In her measurement guide, she identifies tools that every PR pro should be touting, as well as some new ones that you might not be using quite yet. 

To be sure, the landscape of PR is evolving. Aren't we grateful for industry leaders who've provided stellar guides to lead us to greener pastures?

In fact, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring and provide my own road map to PR, with my latest guide: The Bottom Line About PR. In just a few brief moments, this SlideShare will educate you on how to fuel your PR campaign, plus I'll bust some myths about what PR is not. 

I hope you enjoy it, and I wish you the best success!

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Nov 19, 2015

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