2 More Ways Financial Services Can Punch Up Their Content Marketing

Posted by Oren Smith

These days, a wealth of remarkable data is only as useful and effective as its packaging. In the financial services sector, an industry often critiqued for its lackluster performance in content marketing, it’s increasingly vital to pay close attention not only to the content itself, but to how it is delivered.

Previously, we tapped into 2 ways financial services firms can up their game in the world of content marketing despite the challenges posed by strict regulations and tricky legal technicalities. As promised, here are 2 more!

3. Connecting with a younger and digitally savvy audience

It’s difficult to miss all the grumbling about recent college grads lately, especially in relation to unemployment and financial security. Despite the bad rap 20-somethings get from time to time, “younger” people still have a larger stake in the financial world than is sometimes given credit. Thus, it's even more important from a marketing standpoint to broach the subject in ways that cultivate their interest. The medium impacts the message!

Social media marketing is your best bet. Publishing relevant data in digital magazines, blog posts, and mobile marketing formats can also help reach a younger audience. Moreover, today more and more people are online. Both B2B and B2C financial service organizations must modernize their content development strategies accordingly or they will be left in the dust.


American Express has done an exemplary job of connecting to its social media savvy audiences. Through its Amex Open Forum, a program designed to help small business owners with insights and resources, the company dramatically increased monthly traffic and added thousands of small businesses to its network. American Express was also recognized this past year for its social media prowess, coming in 3rd on the Global Top 20 Twitter Accounts for Financial Services list last August.

4. Infographics!

Text is processed by our short-term memory, while images advance immediately into long-term memory where they are permanently imprinted. Therefore, it’s important for financial industry companies to nimbly intertwine the two. The use of visual representations of data, referred to as information graphics (or Infographics), is essential to breathing life into financial services marketing. By harnessing the power of visual stimuli, infographics are the best way to communicate complex data in a simple fashion.

If you have only limited information available, take what you can say and give it some spice! Start with a story board design, and make sure your angle is compelling. Where applicable, include hyperlinks to more comprehensive data sets or reports on your website. This will enhance your SEO and drive more traffic to your homepage. As very versatile bits of content, infographics can and should be layered into your other forms of content marketing where appropriate.

Black Rock’s iShares does an excellent job of posting intriguing and stimulating visual content on its blog. Combining strong visuals with engaging text, the blog provides a fresh perspective on financial issues that draws readers in.


Last but not least, remember to always facilitate sharing capabilities! Including social media icons on or around the infographic enables your interested viewers to soak up the data and then pay it forward.

Have you improved your content marketing strategies? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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Nov 15, 2013

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