2 Simple Ways to Generate More B2B Leads with Your Press Release

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If you're still using B2B press releases as part of your B2B PR strategy, I applaud you! Some will have you think that releases are outdated and that social media and owned content should be the driving force behind your PR.

The truth is that the best PR combines the effective elements of traditional PR methods with today's modern PR tools. However, as with any PR strategy, you must ensure that what you're doing actually drives measurable results.  

So let's take a look at:

  • What is a press release?
  • What is a press release for?
  • What warrants a press release?
  • Two ways to generate more leads with a press release strategy


The best PR combines the effective elements of traditional PR methods with today's modern PR toolsTweet: The best PR combines the effective elements of traditional PR methods with today's modern PR tools @wendymarx TO TWEET


A Few of Your Press Release Questions, Answered

What is a press release?

There are many terms people use to describe press releases, including press statements, news statements, and news releases. But whatever term we use, we're talking about the same thing. A press release is an official statement released by an organization in order to attract attention from news media, bloggers, prospects, potential investors and influencers to a noteworthy piece of news.

Remember, too, that in this digital age your press release won't disappear after your story is published. It lives online long after your news dies down. It's important that you write it with this in mind. Don't bend the truth in order to attract more attention -- it could very well come back to haunt you.

What is a press release for?

You can use a B2B press release when you want to announce a newsworthy event, such as...

  • Industry award
  • Product launch
  • New partnership
  • Company expansion
  • New research
  • White paper or ebook
  • Company milestone
  • And a lot more...

Is my topic worthy of a press release?

No doubt there are a few potential stories that pop into your mind right away. But how can you weed through them to find a truly newsworthy topic that deserves a press release?

Unfortunately, some companies decide that nearly every new event in the company is news-worthy. And while it's true that you may be excited to receive a certification or an award in your industry, for example, your audience may not share your excitement unless you clearly explain in your release how this news benefits them. 

Before you launch your release, ask yourself:

  • Is this actually news-worthy or am I just trying to claim more digital space?
  • Would I want to read this if I knew little about the company?
  • How does my release bring value or benefit to others?
  • Is this topic something others will want to share with their peers?
  • Does this topic lend itself to using visual aids, such as images, videos, and infographics?
  • Am I prepared to promote my release before and after its launch?

Let's say you can provide a positive answer to these questions. Now you can move forward on drafting 'your release. For a more in-depth explanation of what a release should contain, check out this post.

For now, though, let's learn more about how to generate more B2B leads with your release, using 2 vital, yet simple tactics.


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2 Easy Ways to Generate More B2B Leads with Your Press Release Strategy

Alright, you've crafted your release. It's a work of art, if you do say so. It includes keywords that drive traffic to the page.

You'll be releasing it to the proper news distribution channels, promoting it on social media, and posting it in your digital newsroom. However, there are two crucial steps that must not be overlooked if your release is to generate new leads. 

1. Design a Call to Action 

Let's say your release is about a new product that you're offering. Sure, you can link to another page where the reader can learn more, or even purchase your offering. However, unless you tell your readers to do that, it's unlikely that they'll follow your vague path to the product.  

Instead, make it very clear what you want the reader to do. Remember that your release is part of your content marketing strategy. It's unlikely that you'd write a blog post that doesn't contain a call to action. It's equally imperative that your release contain the same bread crumb trail leading readers to the page you want them to view. 

Snag Your (1)

It should be quite obvious what you want readers to do. Avoid passive language, such as "If you think you'd like to learn more about XYZ product, click here." Instead, command attention (nicely, of course) with direct language, such as "Click here to get your free trial of XYZ product."

It may not be necessary to include the same type of call to action button in your press release as you would in a blog post. A slider, pop-up, or large image button may not work with your release on a news distribution site, like PR Web. In this case, linked text may be your best bet. However, you can feel free to use the a more obvious CTA in your newsroom. 

If you decide to use an image CTA button, make sure your keyword is included in the alt description of the image. 

This brings us to our next step in driving B2B leads....

2. Include a Landing Page

Every time you create a release, pair it with an effective landing page.  

After readers click on the CTA included in your release, they should reach a landing page that completes the offer. Let's see how this works.

Imagine that you're releasing a new version of your cloud-based software. You've highlighted the benefits of your software and provided detailed information to the reader about how it has improved. Next, you've included a CTA that encourages the prospect to sign up for a free 14-day trial. 

The reader clicks on the CTA and is taken to a landing page and form to complete the sign up process for the 14-day trial.

Your landing page must be properly designed if it is to drive leads. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Elements of a Killer Landing Page

Notice the importance of optimization. Optimizing your entire press release, from the copy to the CTA to the landing page, will increase visibility and ultimately drive leads.

Want to learn more about how to create a release the right way? We've got you covered, with a power pack that includes a press release checklist and a bonus template that will keep you on track.

Grab your free checklist and template and enjoy it with my best wishes!

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Mar 10, 2016

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