5 B2B Brands Getting it Right on LinkedIn (And How You Can, Too)

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Learn how these five b2b brands use LinkedIn to generate leads and convert!


LinkedIn has long outgrown its reputation as a sort of "Facebook for business." It's about so much more than just connecting with Tim, who works in accounting at your old job. Yes, LinkedIn is now the top social media platform for B2B companies in terms of lead generation, according to this infographic from Oktopost

LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation
How can you make the most of your LI space? Learn from the best!

The B2B Stars of LinkedIn

The above infographic shows that, across the board, there are some basic ingredients for success when using LinkedIn for your content marketing. Ready to see those, and more, suggestions in action? Check out these five B2B brands getting it right. 


1. Google

Google, one of the current ruling authorities of the technological universe, has once again proven that it knows what we want. Although not strictly a B2B brand, it has to be admitted that Google services B2B companies in an almost immeasurable capacity. 

What It's Doing Right: Among other things, what stands out on Google's page is the number of interactions it experiences every day. Google's frequent posting and updating elicit dozens of comments and hundreds, if not thousands, of shares. 

How You Can Get it Right, Too: Posting every few months is going to generate squat in terms of lead generation. Even if you are a small business, chances are great that you have something new to share, whether it be a new piece of software you started using, or an upcoming trade show you are participating in. Keep it fresh and keep it current. 

2. Hubspot

Content king, Hubspot, rules again. This shouldn't be surprising since they are the leading inbound marketing and sales platform. 

What They're Doing Right: Hubspot uses a variety of outlets in  its content. The company promotes videos, SlideShares, tutorials, and your basic blog posts. 

How You Can Get it Right, Too: It may be tempting to breeze through your routine posting by adding a previously-published blog post. And there's really nothing wrong with that. However, if that's all your followers ever see, your page will turn into one big yawn. Remember, you don't even have to post original content. Simply sharing content relevant to your industry will keep your page fresh and your fans engaged. 

(Click here to learn how to create your own content on LinkedIn.)

3. Square

Square is the financial service business that revolutionized how small businesses process credit cards. Gone are clunky machines with rental fees and hefty subscription rates. 

What It's Doing Right: Square's posts are geared towards the human side of business, which suits its customer base well. Scanning through posts, you see pictures of, and introductions to staff and small business owners that use Square. That makes doing business seem possible. 

How You Can Get it Right, Too: All business and no play is just not human. Use LI to showcase the personality of your company. Highlight your stellar employees and show how they and your company are benefiting humanity. (For info on how to humanize your personal page, check out this tutorial post.)

4. Microsoft

Microsoft is HUGE! We all know that. However, despite its enormity, it hasn't discounted the importance of providing content to generate new leads.

What Its Doing Right: The gargantuan business is broken down into manageable bite-sized pieces on its page. On the right hand side of your screen (if viewing on a desktop), you'll note the comapny hase several "showcase pages." These are targeted at a particular audience, such as those interested in Microsoft Office or those interested in training and certification. 

How You Can Get it Right, Too: Whether you have thousands of employees, or just a handful, chances are you don't offer one product or service to one type of customer. You don't have just one page on your website, do you? Of course not! Generate content that will appeal to different individuals. If you serve different industries, such as financial services and healthcare, create content to appeal to each. 

5. Trello

This organization and collaboration software company makes things as simple as possible. 

What It's Doing Right: There are so many software options out there that claim to organize your business life, make communication a breeze, and reduce your stress level to the point where you imagine most "normal" people are at. They usually have some sort of cheesy stock photo with smiling co-workers sitting at an imposing conference table, or something like that. Trello makes it a point on its cover photo of displaying actual images of its software. 

How You Can Get it Right, Too: Skip the cheesy cover photo of your team doing a jump shot -- all wearing coordinating outfits. That doesn't really help anyone. Your opening image should be one that conveys the idea of how your company helps customers.

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When used properly, LinkedIn is a powerful force for lead generation and conversion. Are you ready to put these suggestions into use? Awesome! The first step is to get organized. Download our free editorial calendar to get the ball rolling. You'll be able to lay out your step-by-step plan to create content that converts!


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Jun 25, 2015

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