5 Myths About B2B Marketing BUSTED!

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Wondering if your B2B company is too blah for blogging or too stodgy for social media? Check out how we busted five myths about B2B marketing!

Can I let you in on a little secret? B2B marketing is in some ways like fanacticism. People latch onto a belief and don't let go. There's just one little problem. What if the beliefs aren't right?

Here are 5 myths of B2B marketing that are just that. They are uttered as truths when in fact they don't make a lot of sense. Ready to do some myth-busting?

1. Social Media is Pointless if You're a B2B

If you're a B2B company that fabricates, say, electrical supplies or some other specialized item, you may think that social media is a dead end. After all, who's going to follow you on social media, and even if they do, is it really going to impact your revenue?

Well, the short answer is yes. Here's why. Your customer base is on social media.  Sure, you're selling to businesses. But you're selling to people at those businesses.  And people by the zillion fold are on social media. So check out now who among your customers are on Twitter or LinkedIn or another platform? 

Time and time again, shipping mogul Maersk is pointed to as a stellar example of a so-called "boring" company who has rocked social media. I mean, picture of shipping crates are not going to get me hooked on their Instagram feed, but pictures like this one, sure:



Th company's main thrust is, of course, shipping. However, the hook is that their shipping containers see the world, and that's what's interesting. 

How does this translate to a good ROI? Social media costs next to nothing to promote. And yet, those that follow you have already taken the first step to buddying up to your brand. It's akin to setting foot in the store. Now you just have to close the deal. 

2. My B2B Company Markets Itself

You may have a specialty product or service and you assume that everyone who knows about you already does. Or perhaps you feel word of mouth is more effective since you are only targeting a small and very specific customer base. 

If you have found a niche in the B2B world, it's probably true that a great deal of your revenue results from referrals and the like. However, you should never take this for granted. Today's customer can be gone tomorrow, and before you know it, the flood of leads slows to a mere drip. Marketing your company is essential to surviving the ups and downs, and ensures you have a steady stream of prospects.  

And let's not forget about the your current customer base whose loyalty you want to cultivate and maintain. Since part of your aim in marketing is to inform, you want to give your customers what they deserve - information. With online content, you can keep them informed and well-educated on your industry. And ultimately more dependent on you.

3. B2B Marketing is All Business and No Fun

The corporate world is getting less "corporatey". Ties are loosening a bit, and people are realizing that if work is the center of your life, you better make the most of it. If you, like most of us, still receive business-related emails all through the night, and are always at work, even at home, you know the importance of finding some pleasure in your work. It doesn't stop so you might as well make it fun. 

Kinaxis has known this for years, and makes it (painfully) clear how to you use humor in your marketing:



4. Email Marketing for B2B is Old Hat

It's true that email marketing can be tricky. After all, so much is left to chance. Perhaps the recipient trashes your email for the pure reason that their inbox is too full that day, or because your topic doesn't appeal to him. 

However, email marketing still remains alive and well, my friends. Check out this staggering SlideShare from Salesforce if you need a little convincing:

I found slide 22 to of particular note. $44.25 is the average return for every $1 spent on email marketing! Since email marketing is relatively inexpensive, you have nearly nothing to lose. 

5. Our Website is There to Let People Know Who We Are, Nothing More

Yes, your website serves to provide contact information for your customers and prospects. However, it should be much more than just a business card. Today's customer base wants education and involvement, and you can use this wisely in your marketing strategy. 

Check out some great statistics on blogging, brought to you by Hubspot:



Blogging just a couple of times a month can yield amazing results. Use your website as a platform to inform, educate, and publicize your industry and your company. 

Now That The Myths Are Busted...

Now you've seen how B2B marketing thrives in the face of common misconceptions, what's next for you? Take a look at the checklist below and see what's next on your marketing to-do list.


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And if you've found a strategy that works for you, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below! Let's talk about it!

Apr 23, 2015

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