6 Reasons Your B2B Marketing Campaign Needs a Blog

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Wondering if maintaining a blog is really worth it for your B2B company? Check out these six reasons that say "absolutely!"

Writer Sylvia Plath was once quoted as saying:



All things Anthropologie is a constant distraction for me including its lifestyle blog. And every Sunday morning my love of travel transports me to Rick Seaney's blog as soon as possible.However, since life isn't all shopping and travel (as much as I would like it to be) there are times when critical information relating to business is a lifesaver - especially when it's offered for free.

That's where B2B companies provide a valuable service - that of educating. You already have the main ingredients for creating a spectacular blog - a knowledge and passion for your industry! 

Consider these six reasons why you should break through your writer's block to create and maintain a B2B marketing blog:

1. The Price is Right

Yep, it doesn't get any better than low-cost b2b marketing! You have the opportunity to reach a large audience for next to nothing in cost. You're already maintaining a website, so incorporating the usage of a platform like Wordpress is a cinch. A note for startups: not all website hosts allow Wordpress, so do your homework before you commit. Even if you don't start off blogging, you'll want to leave the way open to do so.

2. It Directs Traffic to Your Website

Blogging increases your ranking among search engines. Make sure to include keywords throughout your post. Once someone has landed on your page who knows what else they'll want to explore! Can you say "easy lead generation?"

3. Because You're Not a Machine

You may work like a machine, but your company has real people behind it. Blogging encourages clients and prospects to have a personal connection with your company while you attend to other matters. How else can you be in two places at once? Let your b2b marketing blog talk for you, answering questions and promoting education while you conduct company busienss.  

4. It's All About Lead Generation, Baby!

When all is said and done, that's what it's about - landing leads. According to SocialMediaB2B, businesses that blog generate 67% percent more leads! That's a huge number you can't afford to ignore.

When IBM ran a social selling pilot program the result was astounding - a 400% increase in sales! Who wouldn't love to brag about that?

5. You're In the Know

Blogging allows you to shine as an industry expert. You already know the ins and outs of your field. Why not share your wisdom with the world? Sure, they may not click on your call to action, or even open your email with your blog link inside. However, your consistency in making your brand and your expertise visible will pay off.

6. Blogs Supply Fuel 

Yes, blogs fuel social media campaigns. When you post to Twitter or Facebook, include a link to your latest post. Additionally, using your post's eye-catching graphic will make your update look oh-so-pretty. If your graphic is Pinterest-optimized, you can increase your brand's visibility even more.

So, is it worth it to create and maintain a blog on your B2B website? You betcha! However, what if you don't have the time or if your grammar resembles that of a third-grader? (Hey, we can't all be good at everything!)

Well, here's a little shameless self-promotion for you to chew on: Marx Communications creates content that rocks for its B2B clients. Better yet, we also promote your content, ensuring it's seen by the people that matter to you. Want to know more? Contact us and let us see how we can help you out!

We know the proof is in the pudding, so don't just take our word for it. Check out this case study on how we helped one startup to be featured in Forbes, Businessweek, and get 4,000 web page views in just seven months!

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Nov 28, 2014

Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx is the founder and president of Marx Communications, a boutique inbound marketing and public relations agency. An award-winning B2B public relations pro, she has helped many small- & medium-sized firms (SMBs) become well-known industry brands and transform their businesses, going from Anonymity to Industry Icon™.

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