A Secret Weapon to Creating A Lead Generation Landing Page

Posted by Wendy Marx

In our previous posts on landing pages, we focused on the landing page itself. Yet, if you want to create a lead generation landing page, your work doesn’t stop with the landing page. We’re talking Thank You Pages.

A Thank You Page refers to the website page typically shown a visitor after he or she completes a form on your landing page. The page is where a person downloads the premium content you’ve promoted -- whether an ebook, white paper, infographic or any other enticing offer.


These “content delivery” pages offer another opportunity to engage with your prospect -- one you should take full advantage of. Think about providing on your thank you page another premium offer, or a reason to subscribe to your blog or visit your website. If you want to create a lead generation landing page, it is important to follow best practices on your thank you page

Best Practices for Creating Thank You Pages

  1. Content Delivery: The most important part of your thank you page is content delivery. When a visitor fills out a form on a landing page they are expecting to get a valuable piece of content after they have submitted their information. Look to showcase the premium content in a very visible and noticeable way on your thank you pages. A good way to do that is to have a visual representing the premium content such as the cover page of an ebook or white paper. 

  1. Bring Back Navigation Links: After the visitor has successfully navigated to your thank you page, and downloaded the premium content, you want to drive further engagement. One way to do this is by bringing back navigation links on the top or side of your thank you page. This quickly and easily allows visitors to navigate to your website with a simple one-click action.

  1. Summary Text: Include a summary headline and text thanking the prospect for downloading the content. Be sure in your text to prompt the person to take further action. This can be anything from subscribing to your company blog to connecting with your organization on social media, or exploring your website.

  1. Other Offers: Another critical component to add to your thank-you pages is calls-to-action for additional offers. If someone has made it to your thank you page the prospect shown interest in your content and a willingness to engage with your brand. This is a great opportunity for you to deepen the engagement with additional premium content. Use thank you page real estate to show additional content they might value.

Your secret weapon to creating lead generation landing pages

Thank you pages are an incredibly powerful way for you to grow your business and increase your engagement footprint. Make sure that you are always clearly showcasing your premium content so users can find it quickly and easily. Additionally, use your thank-you pages as a way to promote other related content, drive more blog subscribers, and increase your fan base on social media.

While these recommendations are definitely not exhaustive, they serves as a guide. They will help you deliver a great user experience for visitors who have voluntarily opted into your marketing. So start creating great thank-you pages today!

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May 26, 2014

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