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Jonathan Pavoni has spent the last seven years in digital marketing doing a variety of brand building activities. His main focus areas have been: website development, search engine marketing, video production, content creation and corporate branding. The lead generation programs and campaigns that he has instituted have lead to significant increases in product and service sales. He is passionate about helping small businesses utilize technology to grow their organizations.
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4 Ways to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Posted by Jonathan Pavoni

Mar 23, 2014


When it comes to using social media to drive new leads for your business it can be tough to know which platform to focus on. However, new research from Social Media Today suggests that 80% of B2B marketing leads and conversions come from Linkedin. This powerful statistic gives direction on where small business owners and marketers should be spending their time. Here are 4 effective ways to be generating new leads with Linkedin.

Post an Update

A great way to start generate leads and increase your thought leadership position on Linkedin is by frequently posting valuable content in the form of a daily update. In your updates, put links to blog articles that you have written, or link to a landing page that has an industry e-book that you have created. Each time that you post an update, you will be featured in the newsfeed of all the people that you are connected with. This is a great way to add value to your network and to move people from the social network to your website.


Another great way to generate leads for your business using Linkedin is using the Groups functionality. As a B2B small business owner or marketer looking to generate leads you need to join various groups on Linkedin. You want to make sure that you are joining groups outside of your industry so that you expand your network and influence.

For example, if you were a lawyer you wouldn’t just want to join “lawyer groups” on Linkedin. You would want to join groups of small business owners, software companies, and restaurants. By expanding beyond your immediate network and contributing valuable information to a group you can turn social network relationships into leads for your business.



Utilize the connections that you already have in Linkedin to further extend your network. If you’re a salesperson who is trying to get a meeting at a particular company, search for that company on Linkedin and then see if you have any 1st degree connections there. If you don’t, see if you have any 2nd degree connections. Once you have identified your 2nd degree connections, ask your friends for an introduction to the person at the target company. This is a great way to warm up a prospect and is so much better than a cold call.


Like Facebook, Linkedin has rolled out an advertising program where companies can purchase banner ads to drive potential clients to a website or landing page of their choosing. The advertising program is patterned after the Google Adwords program. Potential advertisers write ad copy, create a destination link for the ad, and then bid on how much they would like to pay for a click. This can be a powerful way for companies to economically drive interested prospects to their landing pages.

A Key Secret to Jazzing UpYour B2B Content’s Visual Appeal

Posted by Jonathan Pavoni

Mar 6, 2014

 As B2B content marketing moves center stage, distributing content in varied media becomes increasingly critical. Today B2B marketing departments are developing more visual content such as images, web video, infographics and Slideshare presentations.  This visual content is easier to digest, imore engaging ,and delivers the message faster. Read more to learn how you can use Slideshare to visually tell your company’s story to its multi-million users.

(Click here to learn how you can use your vibrant visual content to promote your published content on LinkedIn.)

What is Slideshare

With 60 million users, Slideshare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations and other professional marketing assets. It’s a free website that allows users to post content as presentations. You can upload content like infographics, powerpoint slides, and videos  and then embed Slideshare code right on your website or social media profile. Interested viewers can click through the Slideshare as if they were viewing a PowerPoint presentation. Finally, visitors looking to gather information on a particular subject can visit Slideshare;s website, search for information, and consume presentations directly. 

Using Slideshare for Business 

Slideshare is a great B2B content marketing tool to repurpose content, capture prospects’ attention, and drive additional leads into the sales funnel. Let’s look at each one a bit more:

  • Repurposing Content: Slideshare is an excellent way to repurpose other marketing assets into visual and easy-to-consume content. Start by by taking ebooks or industry white papers and summarizing them in a Slideshare presentation. This will make it a faster read for prospects that don’t have time to explore your ebook. 
  • Capturing Attention: While Slideshare is not a new marketing medium its use on websites, blogs and social media profiles is still fairly novel. Use engaging colors, unique typography and images to tell your company’s story. Additionally, use calls to action and links to convert viewers into engaged leads. 
  • Driving Traffic: Presentations uploaded to Slideshare can then viewed by prospects and help drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website, blog or landing pages. Additionally, the most popular Slideshare presentations get featured on the Slideshare homepage. If your content happens to get featured on the homepage there is a high chance that it will go “viral”, meaning you hit a home run in terms of visibility.

Company Examples

A company that does an excellent job at creating Slideshare presentations is One of its most notable presentations is called The Undeniable Authority of the Social Customer.

Characteristics that make this presentation great are: 


  • Vibrant Color Palette: The color scheme of purple, green and white help the presentation to jump off the page. 
  • Custom Illustration Style: The custom illustration style used in the presentation gives it a very unified look and feel. 
  • Typography: The variation in font weight and size helps to bring emphasis to different aspects of the presentation. 
  • Length: The length of the presentation is just right at 21 slides. It maintains a nice balance of being concise while also being thorough in its story telling. 
  • Use of Imagery: The presentation uses a good mix of images and text to tell the story. No slide is crowded with too much text content. 

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