16 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time

Posted by Wendy Marx

16 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time

Your B2B content strategy is like a machine -- it needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. And that's where content marketing tools come in. Tools help you to maintain your content strategy and get the best results. And we've seen some amazing tools come out recently that we want to tell you about.

Tools for content marketing have evolved to meet the needs of modern content marketers. No matter what content marketing tactics you use -- whether you're creating new content or upgrading old, creating content for lead generation or brand awareness -- there are tools that will help make it a success.

What you choose will depend on what your B2B content strategy looks like and your priorities.

While we've published a longer list of tools for B2B PR and content, this list is more focused on content marketing for B2B and the recently-released, lesser known tools that can take your content to the next level.

How to Rock Content Creation

Without further ado, let's check out 16 of the best tools for content marketing that will help your strategy to thrive. These are organized into three categories, content creation tools, conversion tools and SEO and research tools. Under each category, you'll find the tools organized alphabetically.

16 Best Content Marketing Tools That Will Save You Time

content creation content marketing toolsContent Creation Tools


Today, it's hard to keep track of all your channels and ensure your content is visible on all of them. ContentCal offers a solution. It's a tool that helps you create content for social media and supports your collaboration efforts.

ContentCal's features include finding the best time to post on social media, saving your most popular phrases from posts and your ideas and to-do lists in one, easy-to-access place. It is truly one of the most innovative content calendars you will find on the market today.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great stepping stone in your content creation process. It allows you to create a draft of your content before you put it into your CMS, so there's no chance of accidentally publishing it before it's ready. 

Google Docs also has built-in collaboration features that bring your whole team into the creation process. With various permissions, anyone can edit, leave comments, or insert important pieces of content. And best of all, it's free and integrates easily with many other tools.


Would you like to create an online course but don't know where to begin? Kajabi can help! This platform combs through and organizes all of your multimedia content assets and creates a veritable library for you to use as a course. 

Not only does it help you organize your current content into an online course, but it also sets up subscription portals with monthly access and online chat forums. This takes care of your audience's access so that you can focus on lead generation and content creation.

Once your course is set up, you can use Kajabi to promote it. From landing pages to email campaigns, Kajabi has many tools to help you promote your new course.


A list of tools for content marketing wouldn't be complete without a tool for video content. While many find it daunting to step into video content creation, Lumen5 makes it incredibly easy. 

Lumen5 allows you to upload a blog or other content and then it takes the highlights and transforms it into video, with visuals, music, and text. You can then go through it, adding and editing what you want.


Surveys are a great way to get to know your audience better -- but surveys can also be used in your content creation. Once you've collected valuable information from your audience, consider using it in a white paper or infographic.

SurveyAnyPlace is a fun, creative tool with a variety of templates to build any survey you want. You can customize your survey with your own images, branded logo and font. Once your survey is done, promote it on your website, your app, a tab on your Facebook page, emails and any other platforms you're on. 

Once you're done and your survey is live, sit back and wait for the data to stream in. Get the data delivered  via visuals or text -- and easily filter through to get exactly what you need.

How to Rock Content Creation

_content marketing tools conversion toolsConversion Tools


Alter is an AI-powered personalized recommendation engine to put on your website to recommend content based on visitors' behavior. Have certain pages that you want to get in front of your audience? No problem -- simply prioritize those pages within the engine to make sure they are part of the recommendations.

Simply install a short snippet of code onto your website and Alter will get to work analyzing and understanding your content and the interests and behavior of your site visitors. Over time, it will learn and adapt based on the behaviors of your audience and the content available on your site.


One of the biggest trends to hit content marketing in recent years is the rise of chatbots -- the AI-powered messaging software that pops up on websites and apps to help answer questions for interested visitors.

Enter Botsociety. This tool designs chatbots for a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp, Slack. Messenger, and even your own website or app. Its drag and drop messages allow you to create the ideal chatbot experience for your specific audience. 

Conversion Voodoo

Far from dark arts, this conversion tool gives you insight into every step of your strategy to see how you can improve your conversion rates. Right from the get-go, monitor your visitors' first impressions and get a peek into how people are interacting with your content.

Other useful features of this tool include A/B testing and a free performance analysis of your site. You can also use it to optimize the look and feel of your landing pages to get better results.


Finteza is an analytics platform to boost conversions. With shorter attention spans, many websites find it more difficult to convert site visitors into leads. A tool like Finteza gives you the upper hand to design campaigns specifically for those difficult-to-convert site visitors.

Its features include arranging advertising campaigns on your site, creating custom conversion paths based on past customer behavior, and letting you monetize your site.


SumoMe provides you with a wide range of free tools to help your conversion efforts succeed. Whether you want to increase email signups or increase sales, SumoMe has tools that can help. 

From attention-grabbing popups, to email drip campaign capabilities, to ecommerce integrations, SumoMe has got you covered for your conversion needs.

_content marketing tools seo research toolsSEO and Research Tools


Even if this list wasn't alphabetized, Ahrefs would probably still be at the top of my list of SEO tools for content marketing. 

Why do I like it so much? It is packed full of useful tools to boost your SEO ranking. From the basic functions of researching keywords and tracking your keyword rankings, to doing more complex competitor analysis and seeing where content gaps exist on your own site, Ahrefs does it all. With Ahrefs' many capabilities, you will can build an effective SEO strategy. 


Google's People Also Asked feature is a great way for people to find the answers they need. But it can also help you to improve your content. The Also Asked tool takes a deeper look into this Google feature and shows you just how each question or topic is grouped together.

Simply go onto the Also Asked website, enter your search term, and see what questions people have asked about that topic, starting with general questions and getting more specific. This will pinpoint what's on the minds of people who search that term and what content you can create.


Ever wish you had a peep hole into what your competitors are doing? The CompetitorsApp, helps you do just that.

CompetitorsApp monitors your competitors' digital activities, including their email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and what they post for content. 

Simply sign up online, input your competitors' information and voila -- you'll be able to monitor their activities and receive email updates about important changes.


Content King is a great tool designed to audit your website's SEO and track your content. As it monitors your content, it delivers actionable ways to improve, lets you know when anything is wrong, and organizes your content for better use.

This tool helps everything go as smoothly as possible behind the scenes and its suggestions ensure that your content reaches its maximum potential.

Keeping track of your SEO ranking is a priority for any B2B content marketing strategy -- and is there to help. Its features track your SEO ranking for keywords and monitor your backlinks, helping you to see how your B2B content strategy is performing on search engines.

With easy filtering options on its monitoring dashboard, you get the details you need and identify areas to improve your content's visibility.


If you use Wordpress as your CMS, then Yoast is an all-around handy tool to keep by your side. Simply install the plugin and you're ready to go. 

Yoast's interfacemakes SEO a no-brainer. All you need to do is input your keyword and Yoast will direct you from there, including a way to easily edit your meta description and URL slug. Yoast also gives you a checklist of prioritized ways to improve your SEO ranking. Whether you're new to SEO or have been around it for a while, Yoast is for everybody. 

In review...

16 Powerful Tools for Content Marketing

There are hundreds of B2B content marketing tools that will help you with your strategy -- with new ones popping up all the time. We hope this list helps you to find a new tool to add to your best content marketing tools.

What tools help you to rock at content marketing? Let us know in the comments below.

How to Rock Content Creation

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Feb 13, 2020

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