B2B Companies: Mobile Marketing that Makes a Difference

Posted by Oren Smith

Though going mobile is clearly the direction in which B2B public relations is heading, surprisingly many companies do not exhibit a full-fledged or serious attempt at mobile PR. Having taken a quick look at a random selection of 12 Fortune 500 B2B companies, only 4 of them had mobile-specific sites geared towards the “on-the-go” user.

But this pattern is sure to change sooner than later. Companies must begin thinking in terms of what content is most appropriate for mobile development if they’re going to have any chance of keeping up with the industry megatrends. Here’s a list of 5 basic on-the-go needs every B2B marketer should be addressing! Those who can take outright advantageof the mobile content concept should see even more success.

This is already evident in mobile-specific sites, one of which is Caterpillar’s. The company’s mobile site offers a versatile design that allows visitors to check products’ specifications, find dealers and rental locations, and even begin the quote process. Yet one of the site’s biggest strengths is simple: it is not a replica of the desktop version.

catepillar-1   avaya

Along similar lines, Avaya has reprioritized its mobile content for users “on-the-go,” making the site more efficient. Uniquely, it also provides a user with an option to receive an email with a link to content which is not optimized for mobile viewing, so the user may continue where he or she left off at a more convenient time instead of becoming frustrated by relentless zooming in and out or leaving the site altogether.

Taking into account the myriad of mobile devices out on the market also plays a role in mobile PR content. Cisco’s mobile website employs responsive design, adapting well to different screen sizes and providing a seamless experience across multiple devices.


But mobile B2B marketing doesn’t only take the shape of website content. Apps themselves are becoming more and more influential as time passes. A company may even acquire new business through mobile applications. For instance, Team Steffenhagen Consulting, a German B2B chemical industry consulting firm developed a price margin calculating App for select smart phones, which gives users a small taste of its competency in the area of strategic pricing. Combine that with a free download code, and interest in the organization lights right up!

teamsteffenhagen-1  grainger

Grainger, on the other hand, has created mobile Apps specifically geared towards existing customers who already have familiarity with its mobile site. Retention is just as important as acquisition, as a successful mobile PR campaign must work in tandem with a sustainable mobile marketing structure.

Time flies by. Technology advances. Expectations change. And integrated campaigns expand. Those organizations that do not follow suit fall behind. Or worse – become obsolete. Thinking about that “big picture” has evolved into contemplating what must be done, quite literally, about the “little picture.” How can you maximize the potential of these tiny mobile screens?!

So that next step you’re trying to figure out while juggling your coffee, cell, and sanity? It’s going mobile with your marketing and public relations. Take it there!

Have you had any exceptional mobile site experiences? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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Oct 17, 2013

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