5 B2B Companies That Slide to Success

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Slideshare has been rising to stardom since 2006. Learn how these B2B companies are using this quiet giant to see success in their content marketing strategy.

Success in the B2B world is often defined in terms of ROI, followers, and lead generation. We're all for that! After all, who doesn't enjoy seeing concrete facts and numbers that prove the hard work is actually paying off?

However, focusing only on the destination can make it easy to lose pace with the tools that help make the journey successful. Among those tools are some incredibly powerful (and even free) content marketing aids that build brand recognition, improve credibility, and make it just plain fun for your audience to stop by and visit.

While the planet as a whole has been enthralled with Facebook, Instagram YouTube, and other giants of the content and social media marketing world, a quiet giant has landed on the scene. 

SlideShare - The Secret Weapon of B2B Companies

Since 2006, SlideShare has quietly gained more than 60 million users, and has become one of the top 150 websites. The good news for B2B companies is that the majority of users are professionals - mostly owners of small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Some B2B companies are ahead of the game already. They get it. SlideShare's capacity for creating engaging content is huge. Still wondering if it's worth your while to get on board with SlideShare? Check out these 5 companies' use of SlideShare and see if you're still on the fence. 

1. Hubspot

The king of content marketing rules again. Hubspot ha been effectively utilizing Slideshare for years. Here's a favorite - not just because it features a ridiculous looking unicorn, but because its variety of graphics and layouts make the facts and figures engaging:

2. Cornerstone On Deman

Cloud-based software company Cornerstone on Demand uses the power of bright contrasting colors to draw the eye in to the main points of each slide. 

3. Marketo

You can't help but click on marketing animation software guru Marketo's SlideShare. Its creative Suess-themed graphics are inspiring, captivating, and fun all at the same time. Plus, the wrap up at the end nicely drives the main points home. 

4. Nicole Elmore

Marketing and consulting firm Nicole Elmore created this inspirational and popular (more than 800,000 views) SlideShare:

Not only does it provide viewerswith key advertising tips, but it encourages them to benefit a good cause. Way to go, Nicole Elmore!

5. Skytide

Skytide is a superb example of how a small business can use SlideShare to rocket to success. The company focuses on big data analytics for video delivery. Prior to its aquisition by Citrix, Skytide employed 12 people. It used Slideshare as a low-budget means to deliver high-end content. It branded itself as a thought leader in the industry by using slides to share infographics, whitepapers, and reports. Its efforts payed off as they quickly rose to being in the top 1% of Slideshare contributors. Hooray for big thinkers!


Content marketing need not be overwhelming. However, it can help to have a jumping off point. Let us help! 

Our latest SlideShare will help you see how to create press releases that don't suck! When you're done with that, feel free to stop by our site and see what other fantastic marketing opportunities await you!


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Sep 26, 2014

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