5 B2B Companies That Rock Social Media

Posted by Pamela Keniston

 Take a page from their book! Check out these 5 B2B  companies who are taking the social media world by storm.

When it comes to the world of B2B companies, running with strong leaders makes all the difference. Whether you've been in business for decades, or you are just on the verge of launching your startup, you have undoubtedly searched for a business model worthy of imitation. 

With that in mind, we've put together a summary of some of the top B2B companies leading the pack to success. Their strong presence in social media will inspire you to follow their lead. 

1. has been on the social meda scene long enough to know what works and how to make tweaks when things  don't go as expected. 

For instance, at one time the cloud computing company's videos were primarily located on its own website. It discovered that consolidating its videos on YouTube gave them a much higher SEO value. Being able to analyze and learn is key to creating an actionable social media strategy. also recommends starting out strong by focusing on just one pillar of social media. That may be conversations on the web, social media channels such as LinkedIn, or conversations on your own site. Whatever you decide, create a large presence in that one area. When you've mastered that, move on to another pillar.

2. Marketo

Cloud-based marketing software company Marketo has effectively leveraged the power of Hootsuite and Salesforce to create clearly defined goals and measureable results. They have an impressive 93% customer satisfaction rate. How did Marketo accomplish this?

You can see from the SlideShare below that Marketo began with some very baisc goals:

    • Social Marketing: Engage in dynamic conversations and share relevant content.
    • Social Selling: Gain superior customer insights and increase sales productivity.
    • Social Customer Service: Accelerate response times and increase satisfaction. 
Starting with some basic goals allowed Marketo to clearly see how to integrate software tools that would make their strategy profitable.

3. InsideView

A quick Google search of this SaaS (software as a service) company will clearly direct your attention to the social media outlets InsideView utilizes. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slideshare are clearly leading its social media strategy. In fact, InsideView boasts more than 26,600 followers on Twitter, and more than 23,000 likes on Facebook.

While the bottom line for InsideView is to help companies generate leads by working from a massive database of names, the sales intelligence company understands that a social connection is paramount. InsideView's software helps you engage your audience to develop strong relationships built on trust. It allows you to view the number of connections you have with the companies that are keeping tabs on you. 

The bottoms line is that InsideView understands there is an emotional component to selling, even in B2B. 

4. Cisco

Cisco's social media numbers are almost staggering: a 281% ROI. How did the technology company achieve this? Its social media presence looms over the online world largely in part to its listening powers. By using such software as Radian6 it has monitered online conversations so it can react in real time. This translates to an increase in leads, customer satisfaction, and brand reliability. 

Cisco has more than 5,000 mentions per day, 70 Facebook pages, and 100 Twitter accounts - all of which are carefully monitored. Executives and others at Cisco are encouraged to keep close tabs on conversations and social trends.

5. LatticeEngines

Lattice makes data science and predictive analytics easy to use. What is even more predictable? Lattice will continue to wow with its extensive library of content on its website and on social media channels.

Despite its smaller size, Lattice provides its fans with an abundance of educational tools, creating a large presence from a smaller company.

What do you think? Are you ready to travel with the big rigs? Following these superb examples of social media done right will prep you for the long haul.

In the meantime, check out some more specific ways you can use social media to find new leads! 

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Oct 8, 2014

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