How to Take Your B2B Content Marketing From Sucky to Spectacular

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Make your content more relevant and spectacular with these helpful tips!

One of the primary focuses of B2B content marketing is to elicit an emotional or intellectual response from your audience. Producing both kinds is even better! What happens when your content brings about a physical response - that of clicking past your page, or deleting your email? 

Sure, it may be that the topic wasn't applicable. However, more often than not, it's that the content isn't engaging. It doesn't stir anything inside the person. How many times have you been drawn into an article that was interesting, but perhaps not all that relevant to your needs? Sites like Pinterest and Youtube prove that we are all present when it comes to engaging, albeit mostly useless, information.

So what if you could produce content that was both relevant and engaging? It can be done!

It All Starts With a Plan...

Creating B2B content without a plan is like starting a company without a business plan. You won't get anywhere unless you know your objectives and how you will reach them.

So too with your content. 

Your content marketing plan should revolve around two basic concepts: the marketing goals for your company, and the needs of your target audience. Rather than aiming to mechanically spit out "X" number of content pieces, make it your goal to create useful material for your specific audience.

To that end, create a storehouse of information. Did you recently find articles relevant to your industry? Save it to be used as source material for content. Did you recently discover some statistics that help explain the need for your product or service? Save that, too! Tools like Evernote's web clipper will help you store your treasure trove of info in one handy place. Here's a little peak at how it works:



From there, gather your team and start brainstorming!

Make It Worthy of Their Time

Since the laws of physics don't allow us to read every piece of information that comes our way in a day, we have to be selective. How can you make your B2B content worthy of a second glance, and dare we say, worthy of sharing?

The actual content of your piece is, of course, paramount. But, next to that comes presentation. Make it easy for them to see that this little number you've put on just for them is just what they need. For instance, the title of your piece should be succinct, but also pique their curiosity.If you are writing a blog, include headers that make it easy for them scroll through the article and find the information they need. From there, grab 'em with a killer writing style, and don't be afraid to use a little humor. 


Ahem.. Thank you for that, Buzzfeed

Be sure to include a variety of content. The written word is great and all, but let's face it.. for most of us our attention span is shrinking bit by bit. Go back to your information warehouse and make sure you are inlcuding in it:

  • infographics
  • videos
  • pictures
  • screenshots
  • white papers
  • slideshares

When you compile your ingredients for a post, article, presentation, or whatever your content is, you will not only have applicable, but also engaging material.

Give 'Em A Payoff

Everone likes free stuff. So reward your audience for giving your their attention by providing them with... more free stuff. Your call to action should include free information, such as an ebook. Oh, and that should incldue valuable information, too. Like the one we've made on creating press releases (no shame in obvious self-promotion). It is quite useful, if we do say so ourselves. So grab yours today! Happy content making!

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Aug 28, 2014

Wendy Marx

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