6 Ways to Rock at B2B Content Creation

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Content writing...  it's the bane of existence for some B2B marketing companies. Is that true of you? Perhaps you know you should be pumping out quality content on a regular basis. However, taking a single thought through many rigorous processes until you hit that publish button can be a very daunting task. 

You're not alone. According to this slideshare from producing quality content is difficult for most:


Have no fear! It needn't be as bad as your imagination, or even your past experience, has led you to believe.There are some simple elements to keep in mind so that the creative juices flow and the content you produce is of high quality.


Successful B2B Content Creation in a Nutshell

1. Have a written strategy.

About 56% of marketers are flying on a wing and prayer when it comes to their action plan for content marketing. When you clearly identify what your end game is, then you can gear your content towards it. Are you trying to generate more leads? Build brand recognition? Become a thought leader in your industry? 

Once you have established your goal, you can steer your content in that direction.

2. Get in a creative mindset.

This can be a challenge, especially if you're pinched for time. Take a few minutes to do what it takes to get you in the mood (creatively, of course). You might take in a few videos on your topic, or check out some related content. Get a feel for the layout and the tone you want to set for your project. 

Try to seek out what feels engaging to you; what you enjoy. When you feel more relaxed it will be that much easier to make your content visually appealing, as well as interesting to read. 

3. Try anything once.

You can't be afraid of failure. Sure, you'll have some blogs that will bomb, some content that's a catastrophe, and a few Facebook uploads that will fail. Don't stress about it. Being innovative takes time and practice. When you try something new and it doesn't land... well, now you know. But, when you find success just when you least expect it, you'll have your motivation for continuing to be innovative in creating content.

4. Collaborate.

Collaborate with colleagues to polish off your creative content. This might mean that a piece is a group effort from the start. Or one individual might do the bulk of the creating until it gets edited and polished by the rest of the team. 

Many B2B companies hire freelancers. This can be helpful especially if you don't have a team dedicated to producing content. Where do you find quality freelancers? Some websites allow freelancers to bid on jobs that employers post. However, these kinds of sites are often laden with competition, and while the rate might be good, the quality you receive might not. 

Sites like are frequently used by freelancers and allow employers to post jobs for free. However, job seekers must pay a subscription fee. Only after the fee is paid are they allowed to see the details of the job you have posted and how to get in contact with you. From there, you can proceed as with any other interview and ask for qualifications, referrals, and a portfolio. 

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5. Get your wits about you.

"An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, drinks, beer, wine, alcohol, liquor, Grey Goose, Cristal..."

Okay, that's admittedly a bit cheesy. But, don't be afraid to use a little humor, a little wit, in your content. People don't want to be tied to facts and figures 24/7. The mobile work space has brought many conveniences to the world. However, the curse is that people are never really away from work. How many times do you see emails from so-and-so in the office saying "I'm on vacation next week, but I'll have my phone and my laptop with me so I'll be tied in remotely". That's not much of a vacation. 

If people can't take time off for real, at least do them a favor and make their work time fun.And what do we want to do when we're having fun? Share it with others - perfect, of course, for your marketing strategy.

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6. Not everyone is Hemingway.

Most of us are not born content writers. In fact, content writing, as it is now, wasn't even a job when we were born. It has evolved into something all its own and it may have a bit of a learning curve. However, the rules of writing have not changed. 

Poor spelling, grammatical errors,a bad layout, and sorry graphics will most likely ensure that you won't have to worry about creating new content for long. Sure, we all make mistakes (I always feel I have to include that caveat to protect myself from the grammar Nazis. My sister, an editor, is one of them). But, consistent use of poor grammar will make your content hard to stick with. 

Are you ready kids? (Yes, a shameless Spongebob reference) Creating quality B2B content need not be the scary monster that lurks under the bed. Bring your content to light with your newfound skills!

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Aug 16, 2014

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