B2B Mobile Marketing Do’s: Signed, Sealed, Delivered – They’re Yours!

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B2B Mobile Marketing Valentine

Dear flawless, lead-generating B2B mobile marketing strategy – will you be mine? If only it were that simple. Alright B2B marketers, it’s time to talk mobile. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend and you may have a lot on your plate already. It’s already tough enough to seek out the best advice for amping up your mobile marketing efforts. But that’s where we come in!

As B2B mobile marketing has been catching on, sifting through the sea of information for best practices and effective tips can be a tedious process – So we’ve done a little digging for you. Whether you are entirely new to the mobile marketing game or you’re simply looking for fresh ideas to increase your mobile impact, check out some of these industry tips. You just might find your mobile marketing soul mate:

  1. Key Considerations for Your B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy by Business2Community’s Alex Charalambous highlights 7 key areas of mobile marketing strategy development. The author homes in on responsive design, apps, privacy and other topics particularly significant to mobile outreach.

  2. CK’s Innovation Blog features an article about B2B Mobile Marketing: Why Mobile for B2B Companies? Bursting with interesting statistics, it’s a great source of information that outlines why integrating mobile marketing into a strategy is a serious advantage for B2B companies today.

  3. Though written back in 2012, 4 Key B2B Mobile Marketing Takeaways from #SESNY by KO Marketing Associate’s Derek Edmond remains very relevant to the B2B marketing landscape today. His insight is broken down into 4 core areas, accentuated by bullet points detailing what questions need to be asked in order to move forward with a better mobile marketing plan.

  4. Brainstorming your own new mobile marketing tactics? Check out AcroMobile’s 10 B2B Mobile Marketing Ideas, which provides readers with 10 unique planning points for mobile marketers catering to other businesses.

  5. Don’t forget about email marketing! Optimizing B2B Mobile Email from Marketo lists 5 useful tips for adapting B2B email copy and design for mobile viewership – it also links to a handy 3-page whitepaper elaborating on the subject!
B2B marketers, start considering how mobile marketing could benefit not only your current customers but your leads and site visitors, as well. Take an inventory of your existing mobile marketing assets – What are you NOT doing? A great starting point could be assessing your competitors or other B2B companies who do mobile marketing well and feeling out how their strategies enhance user experience. Get into the V-day spirit and focus on making life easier for your target audience. If anything, it’s a reminder to not take your loyal customers for granted!

Want to spread the love? Let us know what mobile marketing tips work best for you in the comments section below.
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Feb 15, 2014

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