How to Boost Buyers with Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Wendy Marx

How to Boost Buyers with Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Your B2B content marketing strategy plays a powerful role in a buyer’s journey. We’ve known for years that it helps to build brand awareness and overall trust in a company. But new research shows that a strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences.

Content Marketing Institute and SmartBrief joined forces and recently released a study that reveals the impact of a content strategy on the purchasing process. This survey includes the views of 1,200 individuals who are involved in the purchase process within their companies. In essence, it represents the views of the modern buyer.

A buyer’s psyche is a mysterious thing. For example, why do buyers choose one company over another? Why do they choose to purchase at this time and not another?

While there are still parts of the purchase process that remain a mystery, this new research gives us insight into some of the process. If used correctly, it can help you to better connect with potential buyers and boost your sales.


A strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences Tweet: A strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences @wendymarx TO TWEET


Let’s  look at 4 insights we gain from this new research, and how you can put that to work within your B2B PR and content strategy.

4 Important Tips for Using Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy to Get More Buyers

1. Speak to Needs and Pain Points

When asked what kind of content they looked for during the decision-making process, 62% noted a preference for content that spoke to their specific needs or pain points. Therefore, your content strategy should revolve around these types of questions:

  • What specific questions does your sales department receive from potential buyers? Turn these questions into content that speaks directly to the needs of your audience.
  • What problems does your audience experience? Answer them with individual blogs, infographics, or videos. Use your knowledge and expertise to delve into each problem and offer specific solutions.

This kind of content creates a unique connection with your audience. People know they can turn to you with their specific questions and problems -- and eventually, their purchase.

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2. Focus on Education -- Not Promotion

Today’s audience is flooded with self-promotional advertisements and gimmicks. Many are tired of it. Therefore, it makes sense that 43% of those surveyed noted a preference for content that was educational rather than promotional in nature.

How to Rock Content Creation

Your content is not the place to promote your company as the solution -- especially for those in the beginning stages of the buyer’s journey. Instead, look for ways to educate your audience. You might provide blog or video content about the problems propsects face, the availabe solutions and how to choose the right solution.

This process may seem counterproductive, but it serves an important purpose. It fosters brand awareness and builds strong trust in your company that may lead to a purchase decision.


Audiences are flooded with self-promotional ads and gimmicksTweet: Audiences are flooded with self-promotional ads and gimmicks @wendymarx TO TWEET


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3. Use Original Research

When asked what kind of content directly influences their purchase decisions, 74% said original research -- second only to peer recommendations (80%).

Most Influential Content for Purchase Decisions and how it relates to B2B PR.

Many shy away from original research because of the extensive work involved -- but all of that work offers a major pay off in the long run. After all, it is something unique that no one else offers. And research has the potential to set you apart as an industry authority, establish thought leadership, and build confidence in your brand.

Consider dedicating part of your resources solely to original research. Look at programs like SurveyMonkey that can make research a simple process. Do some digging around to see what research is available in your industry, and then look for areas where you can fill in the gaps. Make your research distinctive and applicable within your industry.

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4. Make It Easy to Share Content via Email

How do you share information with colleagues? How to use this information in your B2B content marketing strategy.

You want your audience to share your content with their fellow colleagues -- this scores major brownie points for peer recommendations. Although much focus has been placed on social media sharing, research shows that you may want to modify your tactics.

According to the study, 82% of readers like to share content via email with their colleagues, while fewer than 5% share it via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!

Bottom line? All of your content should be easy to share via email. Otherwise, you will miss out on a key means for peer recommendations.

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Key Points to Remember…

  • Create content that speaks directly to the needs of your audience, and be specific about the problems that they face.
  • Skip  self-promotional content and focus on educational content that builds brand awareness and trust.
  • Dedicate resources to the creation of original research that your audience will seek out for answers.
  • Make your content easy-to-share via email to promote discussion of it among colleagues, customers and prospects.

Your B2B content marketing strategy holds the power to influence many B2B buyers to look to your company as their sought-after solution. This result is yours if your B2B content strategy evolves with the times.

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Aug 1, 2017

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