Content Curation for Marketing: 10 Powerful Guides That Will Help

Posted by Wendy Marx

Some may compare curated content for marketing to picking up something off the street and giving it as a gift. But this is all wrong, both in the intention and strategy of content curation. A better comparison would be combing through stores to find the right gift and wrapping it carefully to surprise a loved one.

Content curation is a great way to enhance both your marketing and B2B PR strategy to reach your audience with content that interests them. But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Before we go any further, yes, I get the irony -- a post filled with curated content about how to do curated content is a bit meta. But to be honest, with so much content already out there, I wanted to give these B2B content marketing and PR experts a platform to speak for themselves. While letting you see how to curate content.

When talking about content curation, some view it as a cheater's way out of creating your own content. While  some use it for this purpose, the truth is that when it's done right, it's nothing of the kind.

In fact, content curation has become one of the mainstays of a well-rounded B2B content marketing strategy.


Not only does it save time, but it also shows that you're on top of your industry and builds a strong network among other experts in your field. When the time comes, those whose content you shared may feel more inclined to feature your content within their curation strategy.

Let's now dive into the 10 guides that will help you make the most out of your content curation strategy.

10 Powerful Guides on Content Curation for Marketing

1. Content Curation: The Best Way to Stay Top of Mind for Your Audience from BuzzSumo

Dustin Stout did an excellent job of explaining the ins and outs of curated content -- and how to use it to capture the attention of your audience. This post examines multiple ways to distribute curated content, types of curated content, and how to find content to curate. This post kills it with real-life examples sprinkled throughout, as well as practical suggestions of where to find and how to use curated content for best results.

2. 15 Best Content Curation Tools You Can Use in 2018 - #Infographic from Digital Information World

Untitled design (16)Sure, you could spend hours of your day combing through the internet to find curated content that fits your audience. Or, you could use well-designed curation tools to do the work for you. Really, a no brainer, in my opinion. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a good infographic? This post features tools for everything from finding content to curate and organizing it, to getting the most out of it. Some of these are free tools while others involve a paid subscription.

3. How to Do Content Curation for SEO: Your Starter Guide from Search Engine Journal

Anybody can push content out to their audience. But what about search engine optimization? Can you use content curation to fortify your SEO? Most definitely! And Steven van Vessum shows you how, with great tips and ideas for weaving your SEO goals into your content curation strategy.

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4. The Complete Guide to Content Curation: Tools, Tips, Ideas from Hootsuite

Todd Clarke scores big with this masterful guide on content curation. This post doesn't explain only what content curation is -- it explains why it's beneficial to your brand and what questions you should ask yourself as you curate content. He finishes it off with a list of tools to help you master the art of content curation for marketing.

5. How to Curate Content Like a Pro: 8 Lessons (Examples) from Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is the modern authority on B2C and B2B content marketing -- and they definitely do not disappoint here. In this post, marketing expert Heidi Cohen schools us all on the best ways to find and utilize curated content, whether it's on your blog or on social media. She also masterfully weaves in expert tips and real-life, modern-day examples of curated content to help you do it right.

6. 11 Content Curation and Collaboration Tools to Save You Time from Content Marketing Institute

Content creator and enthusiast Aaron Orendorff shows us just how the right tools can change how we curate content. With examples and explanations of how these tools work, this post brings to light how our curation and collaboration efforts can be vastly improved with the help of a few, simple tools.

7. 10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs from Hubspot

What, another post on content curation tools? Before you move, this post is the next level of curation tools. Content writer Patrick Armitage first outlines a plan of action for how to succeed in content curation, not just take and republish content. Then, he showcases what tools are available, organized by whether you're a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced User -- along with prices and other details that make your content curation journey a whole lot easier.

8. Are You a Curator or a Dumper? from Cult of Pedagogy

Content Curation for MarketingEver feel like you're on content overload? You're not alone! This witty gem from Jennifer Gonzalez delves into the delicate balance between information curation and overload. How do you know what content to bring to your audience? How much is too much? Speaking from her experience as a teacher, Jennifer gives outstanding examples and ways to whittle down your content curation strategy to leave your audience with only the best.


Content curation goes way beyond simply choosing content and publishing it -- as Helene Brevet shows us in this post from Scoop.It. It includes an outline of the content curator's role, various formats curators can use, and the do's and don'ts of successful content curation.

10. Content Curation Strategy: A 5-Step Journey [Infographic] from Curata

Everything is better as a visual -- that is why I wanted to wrap this list up with an infographic that outlines what a successful content curation journey looks like. This infographic literally maps out the steps you need to take to curate content that your audience will devour. It not only explains what percentage of your content should be curated, but it also gives you little checklists of what to look for along the way. It's a handy infographic to keep by your side as you curate.

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 Content curation for marketing and B2B PR isn't just about sharing other people's content. That just takes up space. On the other hand, it takes strategy, skill, and creativity to curate content in a way that attracts and enlightens your audience. 

Let us know what helps you curate the best content in the comments below.

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Jan 24, 2019

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