How to Boost Your B2B Public Relations with SEO

Posted by Wendy Marx

Can I share a little secret?

Search engine marketing has been around nearly as long as the Internet but it’s still alive and well. In fact, it’s one of the best marketing tactics for a company to garner new leads and elevate its visibility -- especially if combined with B2B public relations.

To get a little technical for a moment, search engine marketing breaks down into two main categories:  on-page search engine optimization (on-page SEO) and off-page search engine optimization (off-page SEO). On-page SEO deals with optimizing your website and landing pages so it’s easy for both search engines and humans alike to understand. Off-page SEO refers to building inbound links to your pages. Focus on both of these tactics to assure a high organic search rank for keywords relevant to your business. Ready to dive into some actionable and practical ways for B2B public relations companies to optimize for search?


Press Releases & B2B Public Relations

For all those curmudgeons out there who like to pooh pooh press releases, consider this: In our experience, distributing a press release over services like PRWeb is an important source of leads provided you properly optimize your press release. When we optimize press releases, we think of it as on-page SEO. That’s because your press release should also reside on your website Here are some guidelines to follow to do just that:

  • Select a keyword to optimize your release for

  • Include a keyword in your headline, preferably in the beginning

  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph

  • Include a subhead with the keyword in it

  • Keep keyword density to between 1% and 4% of your content

  • Include an image and be sure to use the keyword in the image file name and image alt tag

  • Use the keyword in hyperlinks to your site

  • Use the keyword in your on-page URL and page title on your site

And remember, don’t just stuff keywords into your copy. That will actually hurt your search engine rank. Just weave the keywords naturally throughout.

The Power of Off-Page SEO and B2B Public Relations

Off-page search engine optimization is about attracting inbound links to your website pages. This more than any other tactic is what affects your organic search engine rank. Essentially, search engines see these inbound links as votes for your website. The more inbound links or “votes” that you have for your page the higher your search engine rank.

There are combination of ways to create inbound links. The most efficient and effective way to attract inbound links to your website is by putting out original content. Think great blog posts, engaging e-books, and original infographics all of which are magnets for inbound links. The more remarkable content you put put out there the higher likelihood someone will want to link to you.

Another great way to get inbound links is to get published or quoted on other outlets, particularly ones with “high authority,” that is ones the search engines find credible. Start by writing for trade outlets or even your chamber of commerce’s website. Be sure to include some links in your articles back to your website. And if you are quoted on another site, ask the person to link back to you.

Don’t forget to promote your content in social media. That will help encourage more people to link to you and also create its own inbound links.

Search engine marketing combined with public relations is an incredibly powerful way for B2B public relations pros to generate leads and elevate their company’s brand awareness. I would love to hear how you are using search engine marketing combined with public relations to create leads for your company. Please share your insights in the comments section below.


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May 5, 2014

Wendy Marx

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