How to Extend the Life of Your B2B PR

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You've worked hard to cultivate good relations with the press and now you've garnered a prime media placement! You're thrilled beyond belief, but hold it... your work doesn't end there! Now it's time to make sure that your press coverage doesn't become a one hit wonder. Who wants 15 minutes of fame when you can have many more years of fame by applying just a few more tips? Let's check out how. 


How to Extend The Life of Your B2B PR

Landing an article is merely the first step in gaining PR for your firm. Think of the article as a piece of clothing. You can wear it in many different ways. You can dress it down, dress it up, and accessorize it to extend its life and ultimately make you and your company look better. 

So how can you accessorize your PR piece to make it more attractive? 


1. Promote it on social media


You're proud of your media coverage, right? So let your followers know the good news! 

This means sticking to a schedule of social media postings in the following weeks. Using an editorial calendar, such as this one, map out your strategy for publicizing your media coverage on social media. 

Make sure you: 

Use this prime opportunity to thank your followers for their support. 


2. Send out a newsletter


Your contacts deserve to know that the company they've connected with is of high caliber. 

Following the release of the article, promote it in an email newsletters to your contacts. Make sure to include a link to the media piece. 


3. Turn the article into a SlideShare


SlideShare is the hottest platform right now for visual marketing for businesses. When your article is being created, think ahead of how to capture the process visually. Were you interviewed? Get photos of the interview. Did you share statistics with the journalist? Include them in your SlideShare. 

This is much like repurposing an already-beautiful garment. Accessorize it properly and people won't get bored of seeing it. 


4. Use it as the basis for a speaking engagement


Landing press coverage puts you well on your way to becoming a thought leader in your industry. Take it one step further by using the nuts and bolts of the article as the basis for a speaking gig.


5. Include the article in sales packets


Your sales team should tote a portfolio of your press mentions as well as any feature articles. You'll need to get permission from the source to reprint.


Include color copies of the reprinted article in leave-behind packets for sales meetings and trade shows. 

You should also include clippings and articles in an attractive binder in your reception. 


6. Add it to your website


Adding a line to your website such as "as seen in the Wall Street Journal" increases credibility and cachet to your firm's reputation. 


7. Quote the article in printed marketing materials


A short, credited quote (used with permission) in your printed marketing materials engenders a feeling of trust. If a news source took the time to feature your company, prospects will be encouraged to dig a little further and see what makes your firm stand out.


8. Share a behind-the-scenes look in your blog post


Likely, in the editorial process, there were tidbits to the story that were cut. Your blog is the best way for you to include those pieces of information, as well as give a behind-the-scenes look at the interview/story process. Did the article include a photo shoot or video? Share that part of the process as well. 


9. Add a link to the article in your email signature


Promote the article in your email signature by including a link directly below it. A brief "Learn more about me in XYZ magazine" line should link readers to the feature piece. 



Take Your B2B PR Coverage to the Next Level

Of course, there's so much more to PR than just landing press coverage. Where do you start?

Check out this infographic so you can avoid any media faux pas and soar in your B2B PR! 




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Sep 3, 2015

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