How to Liven Up Your B2B Social Media with Facebook Live

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How to Liven Up Your B2B Social Media with Facebook

Video content wears the crown for all that's good, engaging, and popular in the online kingdom. 

In fact:

YouTube is the #2 search engine. CLICK_TO_TWEET.png


Whether we want to be entertained, educated, or informed, video is our go-to mode. Now, with so many social video hosting platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope.... the list goes on.... you might wonder if there's room for another. 

Well, Facebook thought so. That's why in late January, the social media giant brought Facebook Live out of Beta testing and released it to the world. 

In this post, we'll talk about the functionality of Facebook Live and some B2B social media best practices for using this newborn video outlet. 

What is Facebook Live and Do we Really Need It?

You've long been able to insert video into your Facebook newsfeed. However, it might have been video from yesterday, or even from years ago. Whatever your video's timeframe, it certainly didn't depict what you were doing at that very moment. 

It's like the difference between watching a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon or watching Saturday Night Live. They're both great, but there's something about knowing there's no time to make adjustments, to edit out the blemishes that make live TV so engaging and fun. 

With Facebook's Live Video, instead of cutting and clipping and filtering, you're giving your audience the real deal. While live video has obvious benefits for families and friends, that's not it's only use. it can also help B2B companies. 

Imagine you're at a trade show. With Facebook's Live Video you can be among the first to show off new products or engaging speakers to your audience. Or, you can film live interviews with executives or other influential people in your field. 

So do we really need Facebook Live? Probably not. But, you have to admit, it's a pretty cool tool. And any tool that helps your B2B company gain visibility, increase followers and engagement is one worth learning how to use. So let's dive in. 



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How to Use Facebook Live in Your B2B Social Media

First, let's talk about the technical details of using Facebook Live and then we'll delve into some best practices.

1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone. 

2. Next, click on Update Status

3. You'll notice there's a Go Live icon that looks like an outline of a person with a double rainbow over them. Click on that. 


4. Enter a brief description of your segment.

5. Choose whether you only want a specific audience to see your video, or if you want it to be public.


6. Start filming!

Pretty simple, right?

But before you hit that video button, let's take a step back and and ensure all steps are in order for your broadcast to succeed.

1. Choose Your Content Wisely

Just because something can be filmed, doesn't mean it should be filmed. Your shoot should have a purpose, as well as some context so users aren't confused or bored. If you're headed to a conference or a trade show, don't walk around aimlessly just describing what you see. 

Instead, find a vendor or an event within that show that you believe will be valuable to your audience.

2. Promote Your Broadcast

Days before your live video, and certainly the day of shooting, you'll want to build excitement for what's coming. You can do this on social media, as well as by word of mouth. Give people a heads up of what's coming and share your overall enthusiasm.

3. Check Your Connection

It's still possible to get shoddy reception, no matter who your carrier is. Before you go live, make sure your connection is stable. And remember: If you're planning to move around during your broadcast, you'll want to do a walk- through to confirm you have connection in each area you'll be broadcasting from. 

4. Create an Outline

You may have a lot to say, but no one needs to hear every rambling thought that crosses the bridge from your brain to your mouth. 

As you're preparing to go live, create at least a rough outline of your topic. It doesn't have to be word for word, because you'll want to sound natural. However, having a goal and purpose in talking to your audience will prevent you from wasting time with a lot of "Ummmms" and "Let's seee... I think that's about it." 

5. Interact with Viewers

Posting your video is just the first step. Like any social media post, you need to engage with your audience for it to be effective.  Make sure to reply to comments and thank everyone for watching.


User behavior is much more engaged in Facebook Live than it is in television, and the content that we create has to break out of the studio mentality.” ~Jigar Mehta, VP of Digital Operations for Fusion CLICK_TO_TWEET.png


6. Continue to Promote Even After Broadcasting

Unlike Snapchat, Facebook Live Video is active on your feed for as long as you want. You can promote it in social media, and even in newsletters. 

An important tip: To ensure your fans aren't forced to scroll through your entire newsfeed to see your video, take these quick steps: Click on the time stamp on your video post. This opens a secondary screen with a unique URL. Copy and paste the URL so you can share it. 

7. Go Live Regularly and Consistently

To maximize your B2B social media strategy for Facebook Live, post on a regular basis. Whether you want to post once a week or every day, be sure to post around the same time so your viewers will come to expect it. 


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Have you tried Facebook Live yet? If so, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 


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May 4, 2016

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