How To Score in B2B Media Relations

Posted by Wendy Marx

Any B2B company worth its stripes wants to be quoted in the news. That type of brand exposure enhances credibility and awareness. Done consistently and over time, it generates leads. The issue becomes how to get B2B media attention for your company. Here are five ways to help you score in B2B media relations. So let's get started:


  1. Target Reporters: The first step to getting quoted in the media is building relationships with reporters within your target industry. A great place to start is to ask your colleagues and clients what they are reading. Next, choose a handful of reporters that are creating content in those publications. Read their articles religiously and familiarize yourself with their work.

  1. Build Relationships: Once you have a handful of reporters that you're following, work to build relationships with them. This might sound like a difficult task, but the internet has made it a lot easier. Start by following them on Twitter, retweeting their posts, and commenting on their content. This will help put you on their radar and elevate your awareness with them.  

  1. Cement the relationship: After you have developed an online relationship with the target reporters through Twitter, Linkedin and blogging, take the relationship to the next level by meeting face-to-face. One way to do this is to schedule briefings around a topic you are knowledgeable about and that the reporter cares about. Try to tie this into an initiative your company is launching. Another tactic is to seek out media at industry events, conferences and trade shows.Try to get a media list from the conference organizer and arrange briefings with reporters planning to attend.  

  1. Offer Help: Once the relationship has been established continue to support your small network of reporters by tweeting their content, and posting on their blogs. Then, when a relevant news story breaks, reach out to the reporter and give a few short lines or some bullet points that can be easily repackaged into a media quote. Make sure that your content is insightful and original. Additionally, give your phone number, email address and twitter handle to the reporter in case he or she needs to get in contact with you for more information.

  1. Keep Giving:  To solidify the relationship with the target reporters, continue to help and support them. Send them story ideas and leads that will help them accomplish their goals. This will become easier as you familiarize yourself with their work and the content that they typically generate. This genuine help and support will help move you from the outskirts to the inner-circle, and will help you get more media coverage.

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Excelling at B2B media relations can be an extremely valuable way to drive traffic, leads and new customers for your organization. By following the strategies and tactics mentioned, your company can begin to get quoted in the media. So start by targeting the reporters you would like to build a relationship with, support them by promoting their content on social media, and help them by giving them soundbites and quotable comments. Of course there are many others ways to do B2B media relations, but this is a good place to start. How are you getting quoted in the media? Please share your tactics in the comments box below.


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Apr 25, 2014

Wendy Marx

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