How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

Posted by Wendy Marx

How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

Lately, on the B2B PR Sense Blog, I've talked about how to extend the life of your B2B PR Campaign. Most recently, I detailed how to optimize your own press

Now, let's extend that concept a little further and talk about how your blog is a useful tool in promoting your press. 



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We'll discuss:

  • Why you should have a blog
  • How to use it to promote your press
  • How to use your blog to run a lead campaign based on your recent press

Why You Should Have a B2B Blog

By far, when discussing inbound marketing with smaller companies, the questions I'm asked the most are "Why do I need a blog?" and "What in the world would I write about?"

First, if you've never created any owned media, you may think that a blog is just a creative outlet. However, it is so much more than that!

Let me illustrate. 

If a wholesale roofing materials company website has only five pages, how will it rank for keywords? If it doesn't rank well for keywords, how will leads find it? If it relies on those mere five pages to boost it's SEO, it will be quickly disappointed.

A blog changes the picture.

With a blog, you've given search engines more pages to crawl every week. Revisiting our example, does the roofing company sell slate roofing? Asphalt shingles? Metal roofing? By creating blog posts dedicated to your areas of expertise, you'll increase your keyword ranking, making it likely your prospects will  find you online. 

Don't expect overnight results, though. Even if you blog twice per week, it may take six months or more for Google to start favoring you. John Bonini of Litmus notes in a popular Hubspot blog post:

"Search algorithms like Google’s often value older domains with a reputation, so it’s a good rule of thumb to allow around six months to really start gaining traction from search engines." CLICK_TO_TWEET.png

You can clearly see why consistently posting fresh blog material is crucial to your online success. But, what should you write about? By far, the most popular types of blog posts include:

  • Listicles (10 Ways to ...)
  • How-to articles
  • Posts that include video and other visual content

So, if you want a roofing material company to soar, a post entitled "7 Ways to Conserve Heat with an Asphalt Shingle Roof [VIDEO]" would likely do well. Get the picture?

Okay, now that you've got that under your belt, let's talk about how to use your blog to promote your press.

How to Use Your B2B Blog to Promote Your Press

Generating press as a result of a successful B2B PR campaign is exciting, particularly so if you're a B2B small- or medium-size business. The press has done its bit; now it's your turn to extend the life of your PR. 

Let's say you've designed an SEO-friendly B2B press release. It was picked up by the media and turned into a successful bit of PR. Using the same keywords that you used in your press release (that is now posted in your B2B newsroom), create a series of blog posts based on the topic. Perhaps to use our roofing material company example, it was praised for using sustainable materials. A series of blog posts could be created around that topic, including:

  • How to Dispose of Asphalt Shingles the Green Way
  • Why (Your Company) Cares About the Environment (and you should, too!)
  • 5 Ways to Conserve Energy with Metal Roofing

You get the idea. Each blog post should link to your press. However, remember that your blog is not the place for self-promotion. The primary objective of your blog should be to inform and educate your audience while boosting your SEO. So in the post itself, a subtle approach is best, such as a mere link to your press release or mention of a media hit. 

How to Use Your Blog to Run a Lead Campaign Based on Your Press

Press becomes even more valuable if you can use it to boost B2B leads. To that end, you'll need to create a lead-generation campaign to put your press to good use. How do you do this?

First, you'll need to target the keywords you'll use in your campaign. Let's say your keyword is "green roofing materials." Can you create an eBook based on the topic? Or perhaps a SlideShare or an infographic? Whatever lead magnet content you create, you'll need to offer this as gated content throughout your campaign. Mention your press in your eBook and SlideShare as hallmarks of your credibility.

Many B2B companies find it effective to run a campaign for at least one month. So during that month, you'll create the following:

  • Your B2B press release displayed in your newsroom
  • Blog posts based on your keyword that was used in your press release
  • A gated content offer that expands on your press
  • Call(s) to Action that lead to your content offer via a landing page
  • A landing page that further highlights your offer
  • A thank-you page that is displayed after a form on your landing page is completed (this page should include related content)
  • Paid social ads that promote your blog post and content offer
  • Social media postings linking to your press and its related content

By doing all of this, you'll create the impression that your company is "everywhere." The press you received will not go to waste, as you'll use it to build a successful campaign that targets viable B2B leads, primarily through your well-maintained blog.


Did I leave anything out? What else have you found to be successful in running a lead campaign? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn!


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May 24, 2016

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