How to Increase Your Press Release Readership by 80% [Free Video Tutorial]

Posted by Wendy Marx

Increase your press release readership by 80% with these 9 tips.

Did you know that 80% of Americans never read past a headline? What if they're not even noticing your headline? Where does that leave the rest of your story? 

When it comes to press releases, some B2B companies are blazing trails. Even some B2B small business owners understand the importance of including visual aids, such as infographics, as well as background information, pithy quotes, and internal links. B2B brands who have it together understand that writing a press release isn't about creating an advertisement as much at it is about telling a story. 

However, even if your press release strategy contains all of these crucial elements, how will it get noticed if your headline erects an unfriendly barrier?

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Press Release Headline Quick Tips 

To help your headlines rock, I've put together a three minute video tutorial, How to Write Press Release Headlines That People Actually Read. It's fun, animated and a quick way to discover how to score headlines that get read and shared. 

You'll discover:

  • The free easy-to-use headline analyzer tools that will get your headlines crackin' 
  • How to give your headlines staying power in the search engines
  • The right length for a headline
  • How to create headlines that attract attention
  • The type of headlines that get the most shares  

You'll get these immediately actionable tips in my latest video tutorial, How to Write Press Release Headlines That People Actually Read.  Download it below and you'll be well on your way to creating press release headlines that work.

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Or, if you need those tips to go, grab the free infographic cheat sheet below, and use it when planning your next release or piece of content. 


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Sep 7, 2016

Wendy Marx

Wendy Marx is the founder and president of Marx Communications, a boutique inbound marketing and public relations agency. An award-winning B2B public relations pro, she has helped many small- & medium-sized firms (SMBs) become well-known industry brands and transform their businesses, going from Anonymity to Industry Icon™.

Her business articles have appeared in The New York Times, InformationWeek, Inc., Advertising Age, & Fast Company, among other outlets. 

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