8 Ways to Give Your B2B Blog a Makeover

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Getting less than an enthusiastic response from your readers? Here are 8 ways to give your b2b blog the makeover it needs!


Pick me! Pick me! Do you sometimes feel like the last kid picked in gym class when it comes getting your blog noticed? The problem may be that you're not one of the cool kids.

Sure you're quite knowledgable about your subject. And your blog is even well received by those who do read it. You just wish there weren't so few of them. Today, we'll share with you how to attract a bigger audience for your blog. Ready to get started?

Getting Noticed In The Sea of B2B Content

Did you know that B2B blogging even a couple of times a month can generate up to 70% more leads than if you didn't blog at all? Given that fact, it makes sense to have a blog that gets noticed. Better yet - a blog that gets you noticed and gets you leads.

With that in mind, let's explore some different ways to get people talking about your B2B blog .

1. Social Sharing Buttons

Have you read an article lately that was too irresistable not to share? We are social creatures by nature and when we find someting useful or interesting we like to tell others about. This natural inclination bodes well for your blog when you add social sharing buttons. Facebook is always a favorite, but don't forget about Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Buffer. Give your readers plenty of options when it comes to sharing your blog.

2. Include Appealing Images

Not only are we a social culture, but we are also a culture that is enticed by what the eye beholds. With so much information out there, the competition can be brutal for getting your blog noticed. Always include at least one eye-catching image that will draw your readers in. There are many tools available to help you do this effectively.

Additionally, make sure your image makes sense for your marketing purposes. Add text to your picture that explains what your post is all about. This makes it much more likely for your aritcle to be pinned and is part of any search engine optimization.

4. Pre-populate Tweets

Sharing your article via Twitter is a great way to get noticed. When you share a tweet about your new post, it will make it that much easier for those who enjoyed it to share it with their followers. Make sure you keep your tweet to 140 characters or less, and that it packs a powerful punch. 

5. Share The Wealth

What goes around comes around, and this could be a good thing for your blog. Invite guest bloggers, quote other professionals in your field, or even interview them. They will be likely to share their contribution to your blog with their audience. They may even ask you for the same - lending to your credibility as a leader in your field as well.

6. Integrate Social Media Comments

People may be talking about your blog on Facebook, but those comments will not appear below your post unless you integrate the two. The opposite is true as well. By joining the two it gives your post further credibility and creates fans.

7. Create Calls To Action

One of the primary goals of a B2B blog is to generate leads. Once you've created your action-based blog, follow through with a downloadable checklist or ebook with practical applications.

8. Longer Is Not Always Better; Nor is Shorter

Some people worry that their post is too short. Or too long. As Internet maven Neil Patel reminds us, Seth Godin's blogs are whisper short. But most of us are not Seth Godins. Longer is often better for link bait but at the end of the day you want your blog to be engaging.

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Aug 5, 2014

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