PR Industry Insights for 2014 – 5 Pro Predictions that Break the Mold

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PR Industry Insights for 2014

New Year’s resolutions… save money, join a gym, renovate the house – that chronic annual list revisited time and time again. Why not resolve yourself to something new? Perhaps you could vow to ‘crush the competition with the latest PR industry insights.’ Or how about ‘optimize your PR practices to get more bang for your buck.’ --- Okay, so it’s apparent that this year most people aren’t swearing to improve their brand’s performance in the public eye. But then again, you are not most people.

Need a place to start? Well we’ve got your back. To make life a little bit easier, here’s a quick list of 5 articles that will give you the PR industry insights you need to up your game. Paint over your old PR strategies with what’s in for 2014, and start the New Year off on the right foot!

  1. Christopher Penn, VP at Shift Communications writes about the decline of traditional media in his article Six 2014 Public Relations (PR) Trends to Watch. As accessibility via online mediums increases and costs decrease, a rise in analytics will become prominent throughout the industry.

  2. Sixty young professionals aged 30 or younger were honored at this year’s PR People Awards luncheon as the nation’s best emerging talent. These millennials were asked to comment on where they saw the best opportunities for growth in the PR field. In Millennials Predict the Top 10 PR Trends for 2014 presented by Hill & Knowlton Strategies, the resulting top 10 recurring themes are pinpointed and discussed.

  3. The AMEX Open Forum has become a great hub for marketing / PR / finance industry pros to collaborate and post valuable content. Arment Dietrich’s CEO and Founder Gini Dietrich utilizes this platform to give us a glimpse into the New Year with her 5 Must-Know Public Relations Trends For 2014.

  4. Ragan’s PR Daily contributor Jessica Lawlor advocates for giving up control of your brand in order to gain control in her short piece 5 PR and social media trends for 2014. In addition to providing some pointers about relevant, strategic content, she sees 2014 as an opportunity to interact more with superfans and customers to achieve modern marketing goals.

  5. Digital PR trends for 2014 gives us a quick 3-minute video interview with Jon Wade, Weber Shandwick's head of Digital for Asia Pacific. While he supports that instant messaging platforms will be developed and further used to their full potential, he echoes sentiments that many brands will be less reliant on conventional forms of media for telling their stories.

As PR professionals, marketers, and business owners, it’s critical to not only keep up, but to stay ahead and capitalize on what’s coming. The ebbs and flows of the marketing landscape are manageable if you can look into that crystal ball and effectively analyze the evolution of industry trends as we turn the corner into the New Year.

So what do you think is in store for public relations in 2014? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Jan 14, 2014

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