Are you Missing Out by Ignoring SlideShare for B2B PR?

Posted by Pamela Keniston

With over 60 million users, Slideshare has become a top tool for the likes of the White House, Mashable, and top fashion photographers. Check out why using this powerhouse tool is crucial to your B2B PR strategy.

What do the White House, NASA, Mashable, and some of the best fashion photographers in the world all have in common? No, it's not the beginning to a corny joke. The answer is that they all use Slideshare

Not Your Average Overhead-Projector-Presentation

For many of us, the thought of slides used to conjure up images of overhead projectors in the classroom or wedding images from decades past that advanced from one to the next with a loud thunk. My, how slides have grown up! Vivid graphics and pithy sayings are le mode du jour for the modern-day slide presentation. Viewers can also go at their own pace, meaning more time spent on content that matters most to them. How does this benefit your B2B PR? 

You may already be using some great content tools - infographics, blog posts, white papers - these are all front runners for fantastic content marketing. That says a lot for your B2B company already. You are interested in content that engages your audience and that is relevant to their needs.

However, many B2B marketers remain unconvinced that Slideshare - the "quiet giant of content marketing" - is one of the best means to score in content marketing. If that's true of you (or even if it's not!), check out these 4 myths and truths regarding Slideshare. You might be surprised!

Myth #1: Slideshares are complicated to create

The Reality: Admittedly, staring at the aesthetically unappealing beginnings of a Powerpoint page can seem daunting at first. To nurture your content from basic fact to creative wonderment takes some fortitude. However, once you've estalished your main points - and we're reallly talking about just 10-15 - choose your headers, then fonts and color schemes. Follow through with graphics, your introduction and conclusion slides, and finally a slide with your CTA. 

This is the boiled down version, of course. But, as you can see the nuts and bolts of it are really not too complicated. From there, upload it to Slideshare and see how it wows the more than 60 million Slideshare users. 

Myth #3: Slideshares have a poor ROI.

The reality: With whitepapers and other factual content flooding the digital world, your target audience is looking for an increasingly personalized experience that has a high ROI for them. They are investing their time - today's most precious commodity - in viewing your content. SlideSlare lets you show some respect by making your point in few words with engaging graphics -- a key to seeing a return on your investment. 

Myth #3: My presentation isn't applicable for the Slideshare community.

The reality: If you've put forth effort to create a presentation for colleagues or clients that has landed well, you can be assured it will be applicable to others as well. Sharing your content via Slideshare builds your reputation as an industry leader, and uses previously made content to generate viable leads.Now isn't that better than letting that presentation retire in the bowels of your hard drive?

Myth #4: My Slideshare will just get lost in the shuffle.

The reality: The beauty of Slideshare is wrapped up in the numbers. With More than 60 million users a month, 215 million page views, and being a top 120 website in the world, you might think that your itty bitty presentation is bound to be overwhelmed in the stream of content. However, these numbers bode well for your B2B PR since your audience is more than likely already there. And if that doesn't convince you, consider this: business owners and executives use Slideshare at a rate of five times that of any other social network!

Your audience is searching for your content. Not only that, but SlideShare makes it easy for them to share it with others, further boosting your following. Slideshare makes it incredibly simple for others to embed and share your presentation. Check out this Slideshare created by the company itself on why using isplatform is essential to your marketing strategy:

Impressively simple, right? Slideshare has taken something so basic and created a powerhouse marketing tool. 
Have you used Slideshare in wonderous ways for your marketing campaign? Tell us all about it below! We'd love to hear from you!
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Sep 22, 2014

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