6 Simple Ways to Unlock the Potential of B2B Content Marketing In Manufacturing

Posted by Wendy Marx

6 Simple Ways to Unlock the Potential of Content Marketing In Manufacturing

Many mistakenly believe that B2B content marketing can only work for certain industries. Has fear of failure kept you from diving into a strategy for your company? And the ultimate question: Can industries like manufacturing benefit from a content strategy in their business?


Take for example this case study from the content experts at the Content Marketing Institute. The study shows how traditionally boring companies can embrace a more exciting side in their content marketing efforts -- with incredible results.

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Manufacturing is a massive industry, with a specific jargon and scope of interest that you can leverage in your content. Create your content to resonate across a wider audience. Generate more leads and power up the excitement for your manufacturing company with these 6 essential tips.

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Unlock the B2B Content Marketing Potential of Manufacturing

1. Document Your Strategy

The importance of a documented content strategy cannot be overstated. This is true in all industries, but manufacturing has seen especially positive results from this tip.

When you create content without a strategy, it’s like hiking without a map -- you’ll get plenty of exercise, but the chances of reaching a desired destination are slim to none.

Work out a strategy that clearly defines your goals (a percentage increase in lead generation, more views, etc.), and specific ways you will reach these goals (more b2b blogging, visual content creation, increased use of social media.) Write it all down, and make sure everyone has a copy so that they can more easily stay on the same page as they work toward a common goal.

Research consistently shows that documenting your content marketing strategy is a key to success --Joe Pulizzi B2B Content Marketing


2. Make Content Marketing a Priority

Invest your time in B2B blogging and other content creation. Remember, any valuable results are going to take time and effort to cultivate. Give your content creation and marketing team enough time to implement your content strategy.

Given enough time, you’ll be able to properly gauge the success of your strategy -- or where it needs to be tweaked. But, again, give it enough time -- don’t take that bird out of the oven until it has time to cook.

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3. Grow Your Audience by Showing the Exciting Side of Your Industry

As with any industry, in manufacturing you may already have an audience base who loves the industry. This audience craves content that showcases industry-specific data and jargon.  
However, if you want to reach a wider audience, it’s important to grow your strategy to include more varied content with a wider appeal. Leverage the exciting side of your industry with visual content that tells the story of your company.

Impress your audience with behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Show off the human side of your company with photos and videos of your employees hard at work, or even having fun. You could also capture impressive scenes that showcase the massive power of your equipment. 

4. Leverage Social Media

In this day and age, no content marketing strategy is complete without social media. Avoid going overboard and getting an account on every social network -- it’s impossible to give your full attention to five or six social networks, and expect success on each one.

Instead, do your research and find out which network your desired audience frequents, and make a concerted effort in that network. For example, most B2B companies find LinkedIn and Twitter to be more successful than say Pinterest and Instagram. Limit yourself to two or three networks to maximize your efficiency.

Tap into the full power of social media by sharing some exclusive content that can only be viewed by followers on that network. Start conversations, and engage with your audience. Be quick to respond to questions and comments on your content. This helps people to view your company as human and compels them to engage with you more.

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5. Improve Content Creation

Create a variety of eye-catching and engaging content that will absorb your readers and attract new ones. Take one of your B2B blogs that got a lot of traction, and make it into an infographic, or slideshare. Appeal to a wider audience by creating visual content that will interest a new and specific demographic.

For example, video is exploding right now in the content arena -- and it’s easier than ever to implement! There are several sites that make video creation an easy and seamless process. The famous video empire of Youtube itself is a fantastic free resource that allows you to create and embed videos into your blog or on social media.

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The power of messaging and visual recall will stamp a permanent mark on your audience --Sam Hurley B2B Content marketing


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6. Measure and Improve Your Efforts

Work hard to make measurable progress in content creation and strategy. Take your content from sporadic and random to consistent and strategic with a cohesive plan.

Create a way to measure your strategy’s progress so you can see which of your efforts work, and what tanks. Invest in a comprehensive analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Find out useful information such as which CTAs get more clicks, what kinds of posts are getting the most views, and what headlines get read. This information has the power to transform and improve your marketing efforts, and drive you to success.


Teams need to work more diligently to define and communicate their vision --Joe Pulizzi CLICK_TO_TWEET.png

Manufacturing is an exciting industry that deserves attention. Stop hiding in the shadows of other companies that you assume are better suited to content marketing.New Call-to-action

Oct 27, 2016

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