3 Easy Ways to Stretch Your B2B PR Budget by Displaying Your Own Press

Posted by Wendy Marx

3 Easy Ways to Stretch Your B2B PR Budget by Displaying Your Own Press

You’ve worked hard to gain press mentions. You’ve nailed your PR campaign! Now what? Do you just hope and pray that your publicity isn't short-lived and easily forgettable? Of course not! 

If you want your press to become evergreen, you’ll have to make it that way. Don’t rely on happenstance or the whims of the media world to dictate how your press will be used. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to stretch your PR dollars to display your own press by using the following as PR tools:

  • Your corporate newsroom
  • Your Email signature 
  • Your home page



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Press and Your B2B Newsroom

If you don’t already have a newsroom, start building one now. This is the portion of your website geared towards the media. 

Sadly, many corporate newsrooms have all the interest of a term paper. They may highlight recent news clippings or appearances, often doing so in list format. Ask yourself: Would I take the time to look at a press mention displayed in that manner? Likely you wouldn’t. 

So here are a few tips to creating a corporate newsroom that is not only functional, but easy on the eyes.

  • Present your PR contact’s information prominently on the site page
  • Include downloadable headshots and bios of your spokespeople.
  • Include plenty of visual tools, such as videos, infographics, charts, and images
  • Add industry news and trends to your corporate newsroom. Don’t just blab about your own company.
  • Optimize your newsroom for search.
  • Use Google Analytics to measure the efficacy of your newsroom. 

For a more exhaustive list of B2B newsroom best practices, check out our post, 10 Tips to Design A Sensational B2B Newsroom. 

In the end, your corporate newsroom should look as beautiful as this one, from Cisco:



Now that your newsroom is up and running, you can properly display your press as evergreen content. 

Display Your Press in Your Signature Line

Your email signature is another perfect way to show off your recent press. Since your current customers and strong prospects are among the recipients of your email signature, take that opportunity to build their confidence in you as a thought leader and in your brand. 

The mention doesn't have to be anything flashy. You may write something like "Check out my recent mention in the New York Times." Make sure to link either to the mention in the Times, or perhaps, even better, to your corporate newsroom. Create the link using Bitly so that you can measure the number of clicks driving traffic back to your site.

Displaying your press in your signature line will drive traffic back to your site, making further use of your PR. 

Display Your Press on Your Home Page

While much of the content on your website need not change frequently, your home page is an exception to this notion. To visitors who frequent your site, if your home page never changes, they may wonder if your company still has a heartbeat. 

With that in mind, go ahead and splash your recent press across your home page. Think of this as a call to action, linking it to your newsroom, or better yet, to a landing page that features downloadable content based on your press. 

Remember, the purpose of generating press isn't just to get bragging rights (although that's nice, too). You want to use that press to drive traffic, build thought leadership, and generate viable leads. 

Need a few more ideas on how to make the most of your B2B PR campaign? Check out my latest cheat sheet, 10 Simple Ways to Boost Your B2B Campaign. This checklist is an easy way to ensure that you're stretching your PR to the fullest extent. 

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May 20, 2016

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