5 Ways to Make Your B2B Content Marketing More Effective

Posted by Wendy Marx

Picasso's Art and B2B Content Marketing

In our digital age, content is morphing into a digital art. While print media is static, with digital media, you now have access to a multimedia canvas. Suddenly, as B2B content marketers, we can all be Picasso at our desks.

What gives digital media its lure is the ease in which it can rewoven into multiple formats suitable for content marketing at each stage of the sales funnel. For someone unfamiliar with your product, a quick read article or simple tool like a calculator can be a draw. While for someone much lower down the sales funnel, a product demo may be the perfect offer.

Great artists like Picasso rework images in multiple media – painting, drawing, etching, sketching, sculpting. So too B2B marketers can rework and reuse content. Obsessively.

Here are 5 ways to make your B2B content marketing work more effectively:

1) Offer sizzle

Provide something a prospect can use instantly such as a calculator or a product sample. Hubspot is a genius at this with its Marketing Grader. Cosmetic companies are the B2C whizzes, spritzing you with perfume or handing out free nail polish to hook you.

2) Add the beef

Once you attract someone with your “instant offer,” give your prospect something more to chew on. See how Hubspot offers a free ebook after you use its Marketing Grader.


Reusing content from its original print form is important in the digital world, especially in B2B marketing, where drawing in leads tends to be more important than creating brand awareness. Drawing in leads is not about witty sales pitches, but rather about content that will pull people in without being too pushy.

Don’t get your prospect in the door only to lose her because of failure to follow up.

3) Divide and conquer

You know that long article you wrote last week that contained a lot of valuable information but was a little hard to digest? Break it down into bite size chucks. Online Content caters to bullet points, and readers appreciate simple easy-to-read content.

4) Don’t think you have to be original

Artists copy from each other all the time. And so can B2B content marketers. React to or expand on an article you’ve read. Or aggregate content. Smartbrief has made a business out of doing just that.


5) Think visually

You aren’t confined to the printed word. Post pictures from events with a brief description. Redefine a topic with a picture book. Do anything to make your subject come alive.

B2B content marketing done right is a work of art. Like any great artist, you have the ability to define your subject in diverse ways. The only limit is your imagination.

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Nov 4, 2013

Wendy Marx

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