7 Tools to Energize Your B2B Content Marketing

Posted by Pamela Keniston

So... you're a B2B thought leader who is ready to beef up your content and break away from dull-as-paint-drying, printed word content. Good for you! You've got some content ready and now you want to add the finishing touches to bring it to life. Just how do you do that?7

Lucky for you there are lots of great resources to help you out. You don't even have to break the bank to tap into most of them.

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Our Top 7 Resources for B2B Content Marketing Pizazz

1. Canva

This free graphic design tool has quickly become a favorite of bloggers and marketers. Canva offers free templates, awesome design tutorials, and is very user friendly. Check out this creative favorite:


Pretty cool, right? Canva has layouts optimized for everything from real estate flyers to kindle covers, Facebook ads to blog graphics. You can't go wrong. They have images you can purchase or you can upload your own. That brings us to our next tool...

2. Bigstockphoto offers more than 19 million images. This translates into an almost unlimited potential for marketing. Royalty-free photos are offered at package prices starting at $69 for 50 images. Combine this with Canva and there'll be no stopping you!

3. istockphoto

Istockphoto is another great resource for crisp, clean royalty-free images. This resource is great for heavy users. A one month subscription  costs under $200 and will get you 250 downloads. You can whittle the cost down a bit if you subscribe for a year. They even offer custom plans if you need, for example, multi-user or extended licenses. And, if you're not a heavy-duty downloader, you can buy credits for as little as $19.99. A lot of images require just two credits.

4. PicMonkey

You don't have to be a photshop expert to make a really stellar image. PicMonkey works within your browser to edit pictures, and as it says "bring out the BOOM! in every picture". PC Mag rated it one of the top 100 websites of 2013, so it's definitely catching on and is worth a look. 

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5. YouTube

Even your grandmother knows about this one. But, chances are she doesn't use it to promote B2B content marketing. Inserting a video tutorial or a spunky little promo into your content makes it memorable. Even better, it's another free resource. You tube makes it super easy to embed videos like this one into your content:


Okay, maybe that's not relevant to your content, but it piqued your interest, didn't it? (For those of you who didn't click to play, we know there's a part of you that really wanted to.) YouTube is a great resource - and not just for it's ability to waste several hours on a Monday afternoon - but also for content marketing applied in a very engaging way. 


Infographics are a great way to share information that might be otherwise, well.. boring. You've no doubt paused on an infographic before, but in case you're still scratching your head about what they are, here's an example:


At a quick glance you've gathered enough information to decide if you're a nerd or a geek. Of course, infographics are especially useful when sharing statistics that would otherwise just be written out and easily passed over. is a free tool that offers dozens of free templates like the one above. Or, if you feel a bit creative yourself, you can also use to create your own. 

7. Jing

Inserting screenshots of tweets, comments, or other visuals will also drawyour audience in. If you're not sure how to do that, check out free tools like Jing. You can capture and share anything on your screen and save it as an image or video.

Are you ready to start having fun with visuals in your B2B content? You're now locked and loaded with our 7 most important visual tools for your content marketing. Go get 'em!

If youre still strying to get your marketing strategy off the ground, check out our partner, Hubspot's free ebook: 

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Aug 4, 2014

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