The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here...

Posted by Wendy Marx

The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here....

B2B marketing is constantly evolving, with new innovations and strategies that used correctly can stake your success. But how do you stay on the leading edge of these innovations and ensure that your business thrives?

Social media just might hold the key. Along the social corridors of Twitter and LinkedIn you will find many experts -- including many of the top B2B marketers in the field. These individuals are not just far-off celebrities. They regularly share their expertise and insights with their social media audience. But that's not all they offer.

Why Follow B2B Marketers on Social Media?

These are individuals who have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and hot in the world of B2B marketing strategy. The trends that they discuss and the insights that they provide can strengthen your digital marketing.

We’ve assembled some of the best minds in modern marketing. These are professionals with intellectual prowess in the field of marketing, and who continue to offer their audiences relevant and timely advice.

Each of the following individuals is a marketing expert.  For that reason, we haven’t put them in any order to signify level of importance. Instead, we’ve alphabetized this list to make it easy for you to peruse.

Whether you would like to learn more about digital marketing, social media, or SEO best practices, all of these marketing gurus have a wealth of knowledge to share.

We hope you enjoy this list as much as we do, and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of these experts.

...We know there are other great B2B marketers out there...We just had to cut off our list somewhere. So please add the handle of anyone you love to follow in the comments.


Marketing experts are those who have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and hot in the industry Tweet: Marketing experts are those who have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and hot in the industry @wendymarx TO TWEET


The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

Aufray, Jonathan.jpg

Jonathan Aufray

Twitter: @JonathanAufray

LinkedIn: Jonathan Aufray

Co-founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, Jonathan Aufray views it as his mission to help startups and small-to-medium businesses succeed despite their size. Having helped businesses in over 50 countries, Aufray has a rich and varied background that gives him a unique perspective on marketing strategy. His skills range from digital marketing to SEO, as well as data analytics and branding. Follow him if you want to learn how to grow your business. 

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Badillo, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Badillo

Twitter: @NancyBadillo13 

LinkedIn: Nancy Badillo

As a social media specialist, Nancy Badillo uses her expertise to build brand awareness for companies. She helps companies of all sizes increase traffic to their websites, generate new leads, and gain more exposure. She regularly shares her expertise in detailed posts on her website as well as her social media networks. Follow her to up your social media game.

Brenner, Michael.jpg

Michael Brenner

Twitter: @BrennerMichael

LinkedIn: Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, knows his field inside and out and has the accolades to show for that, including being named Top Business Speaker by The Huffington Post and Top CMO Influencer by Forbes. A best-selling author, keynote speaker and consultant to companies worldwide, he is a must-follow for his insights and advice. His regular posts on LinkedIn and Twitter make him essential reading for anyone needing marketing inspiration.



Jeff Bullas

Twitter: @jeffbullas

LinkedIn: Jeff Bullas


Jeff Bullas is a digital marketing wonderkind who shares his rich insights in how-to posts and related material. Wonderfully prolific, his eminently readable content on both his blog and LinkedIn plumb the depths of social media marketing strategy. A digital entrepreneur, blogger, keynote speaker and bestselling author, Bullas knows how to explain marketing in a down-to-earth, practical fashion. Follow him to learn how to grow your business in a digital world.

Clark Dorie.jpg

Dorie Clark

Twitter: @dorieclark

LinkedIn: Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark’s accomplishments include marketing strategy consultant, keynote speaker, author, and regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. She has consulted to top companies, such as Google and Microsoft. She has shared her expertise in three widely acclaimed books, as well as a regular stream of content on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out her website and social media profiles for a wealth of advice and guidance on everything marketing.

Collier Marsha.jpg

Marsha Collier

Twitter: @MarshaCollier

LinkedIn: Marsha Collier

Marsha Collier is passionate about social media and is driven to stay on top of current and developing trends. Her list of accomplishments includes public speaking, podcasting, and authoring over 40 books on her industry expertise. (No that isn't a typo!) She has been in the industry for over 30 years and knows her stuff. She has helped many businesses with their social media and customer service strategies, including such such well-known companies as NASA, IBM, and American Express. Follow her to get insights into social media and customer service.

Crestodina Andy.jpg

Andy Crestodina

Twitter: @crestodina

LinkedIn: Andy Crestodina

As Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, Andy Crestodina has spent most of his career providing insight and guidance on web strategy to over 1,000 companies.  He is a font of knowledge in SEO, content strategy, social media, and analytics. He loves to share his marketing know-how with others through his blogs and speaking engagements. A writing powerhouse, he has authored seemingly zillions of educational articles as well as a book titled Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Handbook for Content MarketingFollow him on social media to benefit from his enthusiasm for web strategy.

Dietrich Gini.png

Gini Dietrich

Twitter: @ginidietrich

LinkedIn: Gini Dietrich

Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a leading integrated marketing communications firm, Dietrich is an authority in the field of B2B marketing. Dietrich also devotes much of her time to sharing her expertise with others. Not only is she a regular contributor to her blog, Spin Sucks, but she has also authored a highly acclaimed book, Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age. She also co-hosts the weekly podcast, Inside PR. She has written on everything from from PR measurement to effectively using social media and developed and popularized the PESO model of integrated communications (paid, search, earned and owned media). Follow her to get your PR and marketing wings. 

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Paul Dunay

Twitter: @pauldunay

LinkedIn: Paul Dunay

With over 20 years of experience in the field of marketing, as well as awards to support his accomplishments, Paul Dunay, who oversees a financial services marketing team at PwC, is a marketing phenom. His expertise encompasses generating demand, creating awareness, and guiding his marketing team to revenue growth. He blogs on his website and others, is a renowned speaker, and author of several books on Facebook marketing as part of the famed Dummies series. Follow him to gain insight into social media and other marketing tactics.


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Fanzo Brian.jpg

Brian Fanzo

Twitter: @SocialFanz

LinkedIn: Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is not only a social media strategist, but also an international keynote speaker, co-host of two podcasts, and the founder and CEO of iSocialFanz, a strategy consulting agency. He helps companies incorporate digital storytelling into campaigns through live video on social media. He has received a long list of awards as one of the top influencers in social media, marketing, analytics and video. Check out his content on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn from his years of experience and passion.

Gardner Gail.jpg

Gail Gardner

Twitter: @GrowMap

LinkedIn: Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner is a renowned small business marketing strategist with years of experience generating awareness and a strong online presence for many brands. As the founder of the leading marketing strategy firm, Grow Map, Gardner regularly provides detailed content on the ins and outs of marketing to small business and shares her unique insights on how to succeed as a small business. She has been honored for her work, including being cited as a top SMB Influencer by D&B.  Follow her on social media and her blog for a continual treat of relevant content.

Gillin Paul.jpeg

Paul Gillin

Twitter: @pgillin

LinkedIn: Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin is a social media expert that eats, breathes, and sleeps social media for B2B companies -- with books and advisory roles under his belt. His specialties include content strategy, the development of a strong social media presence, and influencer relations. He's consulted with a virtual who's who of companies including Disney, Turner Broadcasting, IBM, Cisco and many others. A prolific and talented writer, he's authored hundreds of articles for magazines and websites. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn from his years of experience in B2B social media and marketing.

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Hasen Jeff.jpg

Jeff Hasen

Twitter: @jeffhasen

LinkedIn: Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen is a renowned mobile strategist and global marketing specialist. His broad knowledge spans everything from public relations, branding, social, search, mobile, digital and content marketing. His core marketing belief is that "everything and nothing has changed – marketers still need to sell more stuff and it is simply the how that is different." He has spoken around the world, authored two books on mobile marketing and been named a top CMO by AdvertisingAge. Follow him to keep abreast of mobile and other marketing trends

Herbert Chris-1.jpg

Chris Herbert

Twitter: @B2Bspecialist

LinkedIn: Chris Herbert

Among his accomplishments, Chris Herbert is a leading B2B marketing specialist and founder of Mi6 Agency Inc., a marketing, business and customer development agency focused on B2B businesses. His expertise includes the growth of brand relationships, reputations, and revenue, as well as thought leadership development. Follow him to get a jump on marketing for B2B and sales strategies.

Evan Kirstel

Evan Kirstel

Twitter: @evankirstel

LinkedIn: Evan Kirstel

Evan Kirstel is widely recognized for his social business marketing expertise. He has helped many B2B businesses grow their social audience, visibility, and engagement. A social media maven, he is a master of social media strategy and cloud and mobile technology. He shares his knowledge with his audience through his website and social media interactions. Follow him on social media to learn from his years of experience.

Naylor Tabitha.jpg

Tabitha Naylor

Twitter: @tabithanaylor

LinkedIn: Tabitha Naylor

A marketing agency owner and founder of, Tabitha Naylor has earned her place as a marketing expert in the B2B space. She helps startups and small businesses develop sound and practical marketing strategies. She expertly wields her marketing knowledge on behalf of her clients to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and deliver strong ROI. Her approachable, flexible, and meticulous style allows her to deliver visible results to all her clients. You can benefit from her expertise by following her blog and social media networks.


Patel Neil.jpg

Neil Patel

Twitter: @neilpatel

LinkedIn: Neil Patel

A digital marketing grand master and co-founder of Neil Patel Digital,  CrazyEgg and KISSmetrics, Neil Patel has demonstrated prowess in helping companies grow. He honed his skills in online marketing, web analytics, and SEO, among other things. He knows the digital marketing industry inside and out, including Internet marketing, web analytics and SEO, as  evidenced by the many brands that he has helped to grow and develop. He has been called a top 10 marketing and top influencer on the web. Benefit from his  keen interest in sharing his knowledge with others, through his blog  on social media, and his contributions to other sites.

Pick Tom.jpeg

Tom Pick

Twitter: @TomPick

LinkedIn: Tom Pick

As a B2B digital marketing consultant in SEO, social media, content marketing, and marketing technology, Tom Pick is a marketing virtuoso. On his blog Webbiquity, Pick regularly showcases his knowledge of lead generation, web optimization, social media, and search engine marketing. If you have a hunger for marketing tips in the B2B space, don't miss any of his blogs or social media posts.

Pulizzi Joe.jpeg

Joe Pulizzi

Twitter: @JoePulizzi

LinkedIn: Joe Pulizzi

As founder of The Content Marketing Institute (CMI), Joe Pulizzi is a force of nature in digital marketing with his finger on the pulse of new and developing trends. He is the author of five marketing books, including the direct marketing bestseller Content Inc., as well as a speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Considered the "father of content marketing, Pulizzi and CMI have helped made content marketing a marketing phenomenon. Joe recently retired from CMI but I'm sure he'll continue to be a major marketing presence. Meanwhile, follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn to be privy to one of the top minds in digital marketing.

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Rose Robert.jpg

Robert Rose

Twitter: @Robert_Rose

LinkedIn: Robert Rose

If you haven’t yet heard of Robert Rose, then it’s time to remedy that. Rose is a stellar marketing thinker who serves as Chief Strategy Adviser for The Content Marketing Institute  (CMI). He also recently founded The Content Advisory, the strategy, advisory and education group for CMI. He has provided marketing advice and counsel to many of the world's largest brands, such as Capital One, Dell, Microsoft and UPS. He's written three best-selling books and is a frequent keynoter and workshop facilitator. Follow him to get access to great marketing insights.


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Jill Rowley

Twitter: @jill_rowley

LinkedIn: Jill Rowley

With a long and stellar career in sales and marketing, Rowley currently serves as Chief Growth Advisor at Marketo. Her skills and expertise include social selling, digital sales transformation, marketing and sales alignment, and sales enablement. With a passion for sales enablement and positive customer experiences, Jill Rowley's enthusiasm for her field is absolutely contagious. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn for a filling buffet of marketing and sales ideas.

Ted Rubin

Twitter: @TedRubin

LinkedIn: Ted Rubin

As co-founder of Prevailing Path and an expert in marketing, Ted Rubin is a distinguished social media strategist. His contagious enthusiasm for and knowledge in everything digital marketing and social media translates to his helping brands succeed. Rubin had the foresight to evangelize the term, ROR, Return on Relationship.He has won many accolades, including being named the most followed CMO on Twitter, and cited as a top 50 Social Media Power Influencer by Forbes. He's written several books on relationship marketing. Don’t miss his wealth of authoritative information on his blog and social media channels.


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Schaffer Neal.jpg

Neal Schaffer

Twitter: @NealSchaffer  

LinkedIn: Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer is a colossus of social media who has spent many years advising brands on their social selling, influencer marketing, and social strategy programs. As CEO of PDCA Social, author, speaker, educator, and blogger, Schaeffer has generously shared his knowledge of social media. Follow him on his blog or social media channels to get an education into best social media practices.

Scott David Meerman.jpg

David Meerman Scott

Twitter: @dmscott

LinkedIn: David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott almost single-handedly reinvented PR and marketing with his now classic  book, "The New Rules of PR & Marketing." Since then, he's written other international best sellers and keynoted addresses around the world for major companies and organizations. He serves on multiple company advisory boards and is founder and partner of a sonic branding company.  Scott has helped many companies to develop strategies that grow their business by reaching buyers directly  Read any of his books, his blog, or follow his social media channels to gain insight into your your own marketing.

Sheehan Jeff.jpg

Jeff Sheehan

Twitter: @jeffsheehan

LinkedIn: Jeff Sheehan

Among his many accomplishments, Sheehan is a technology futurist, influencer, author, speaker, podcaster, and social selling expert -- especially with LinkedIn and Twitter. He has worked with both large companies, such as Intel and Apple, and with smaller companies and startups to develop effective digital marketing strategies.  Take every opportunity to benefit from his knowledge and expertise by following him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Madalyn Sklar

Twitter: @madalynsklar

LinkedIn: Madalyn Sklar

 Not only is Madalyn Sklar a Twitter marketing expert, but she is also a renowned speaker, podcaster, and Twitter chat host. With a "work smarter not harder" attitude, Sklar helps her clients to develop strong social media strategies that lead to a roar of positive buzz. From her beginnings as a web developer in the dot com infancy, she has embarked on a life that adventurously surfs the waves of the web and social media. From blogging to live tweeting, she has taken to every facet of modern marketing with a gusto that is rarely matched. Follow her on both Twitter and LinkedIn to learn from one of the best in the field.

Key Points to Remember…

  • If you are interested in social media strategy, follow Jeff Bullas, Brian Fanzon, Paul Gillin, Evan Kirstel,Ted Rubin, Neal Schaffer, Jeff Sheehan, and Madalyn Sklar
  • If you would like to strengthen your content marketing strategy, then follow Michael Brenner, Neil Patel, Joe Pulizzi, and Robert Rose.
  • If you would like to hone up on your marketing strategy, follow Dorie Clark, Paul Dunay, Jeff Hasen, Jill Rowley, and David Meerman Scott.
  • If you would like pointers on digital marketing, follow Chris Herbert, Tabitha Naylor, and Tom Pick.
  • If you would like to strengthen your startup strategy, then look to Jonathan Aufray, Nancy Badillo, and Gail Gardner.
  • If you would like to up your SEO game, follow Andy Crestodina
  • If you would like to expand your PR vision, follow Gini Dietrich

Marketing is constantly changing and evolving -- sometimes it can be tough to keep up. This is where these experts come in. Continue to put yourself at the forefront of modern strategy and tactics by keeping the right people on your side.

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