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Alexa and B2B: A New and Exciting Way to Reach Your Audience

Posted by Wendy Marx

Mar 1, 2018

Photo by_ Rahul Chakraborty

“Hey Alexa” has become a common household term -- with YouTube videos and SNL skits to prove it! But this technology goes way beyond making lists and playing music. Content marketers have already begun to use this technology as a content platform to reach their audience. Learn how Alexa and B2B marketing can work together for solid results.

5 Ways to Create a Successful, Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jul 27, 2016


How to Get Into the Mind of a Millennial

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jul 11, 2016

How to Get Into the Mind of a Millennial

B2B marketing is all about finding out what's most important to your target audience and seeing how your product or service can fill in the blanks. However, when it comes to marketing to millennials, many find themselves a bit lost. 

How to Market to Millennials if You're Old

Posted by Wendy Marx

Feb 11, 2016

How to sell to Millennials (even if you're old). 5 tips to reach Millennials.


If you were born before 1980, you may cringe at the thought of figuring out how to market your B2B product or service to Millennials. You might feel a bit like Liz Lemon on 30 Rock:

What is Native Advertising? Discover its B2B Marketing Power

Posted by Wendy Marx

Feb 3, 2016

What is native advertising? Learn about how to use it in your b2b marketing. 

How to Use Mad Social Skills to Rock Your B2B Marketing Plan

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jan 12, 2016

 Want mad social skills? See how these B2B companies are preparing for the new year!

Recently, we did a post about how B2B content marketing will overcome the content shock barrier. Many of us have reached our capacity when it comes to ingesting any more content. The solution: B2B companies need to hone in on the channels that drive results and let go  of the "be everywhere" notion. 

The New Era of Millennial B2B Marketing: How to Get on Board

Posted by Wendy Marx

Sep 30, 2015

Millennials and B2B Marketing

Does navigating the waters of the millennial generation seem overwhelming? They're no longer the angsty teenagers who Smell Like Teen Spirit (click here if you're too old to get that reference). Nope, they're now the decision makers in today's marketplace. How do Millennials impact your B2B company? And how can you reach out them during the buying process?

5 Myths About B2B Marketing BUSTED!

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Apr 23, 2015

Wondering if your B2B company is too blah for blogging or too stodgy for social media? Check out how we busted five myths about B2B marketing!

Can I let you in on a little secret? B2B marketing is in some ways like fanacticism. People latch onto a belief and don't let go. There's just one little problem. What if the beliefs aren't right?

Here are 5 myths of B2B marketing that are just that. They are uttered as truths when in fact they don't make a lot of sense. Ready to do some myth-busting?

The Power of B2B Marketing Case Studies

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jun 2, 2014

With so many great, new tactics for marketers, sometimes an old tried-and-true one gets forgotten. I’m talking about B2B marketing case studies -- tapping into a sincere recommendation from a satisfied customer. In this world of over-stimulation and media clutter, a simple story from a happy client can speak volumes. Ready to get started?

The Power of B2B Marketing Case Studies

In our automated world, adding a human element to your marketing is essential. As PR professionals, we need to seek ways to amplify the good karma around our brand, our product, or our services. Case studies are an excellent way to do that, expressing something instinctual in human beings.  An authentic case study provides a platform to share experiences, tell stories and give advice to those in need. This authenticity is rarely seen in other types of marketing.

Additionally, case studies put a face on an otherwise banal business. Customer success stories will help to differentiate your organization and remove you from the drudgery of having to sell on features.

Creating A Great Case Study

Creating great B2B marketing case studies require  that you first identify and recruit your most passionate customers. These customers are your evangelists,  the ones already telling your story to their friends and colleges. Make sure that they deliver their story in their own voice and style. Over coaching customers can lead to in-authentic content and storytelling.

In addition to selecting raving fans, you’ll also want to find clients who are articulate about the value of your products and services. The content and message of the case study must be compelling and motivate leads to want to learn more. So select customers who have a convincing story to share.


Case Study Distribution

Once you have developed the case study, you will need to distribute the content appropriately. The best ways to do that is on your website, your landing pages, your social media platforms, email marketing and via search engines. The latter can easily be accomplished with a press release.

Ask your clients to promote your content to their network of friends, fans and subscribers. By leveraging the network of your customers you effectively harness a much larger group of potential clients.


In conclusion, B2B case study marketing is an incredibly powerful tactic that can be utilized across multiple channels and networks. Additionally, case studies humanize your organization as no other marketing tactics can. They give you the ability to break free of selling on features and benefits, and allow you to tap into actual customer success.