B2B Lead Generation: How to Convert with the Perfect CTA

Posted by Wendy Marx

Mar 4, 2016


If Monet's Water Lilies series had been tucked away inside an abandoned shed surrounded by overgrown grass in a sketchy neighborhood, would it be less valuable? Of course, we know that it wouldn't. 

The Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Best Practices You Need to Know

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jan 20, 2016

5 B2B Lead Generation Best Practices
Would you like to know how to get more B2B leads? B2B lead generation can get complicated -- you need just the right combination of an offer, CTAs, and landing pages to access and nurture your audience. 

5 Easy Ways to Get More B2B Sales Leads with B2B PR

Posted by Wendy Marx

Jan 14, 2016


If you're like most people, you've spent the last few weeks strategizing for 2016. And likely on your list of wants for the new year, you've jotted down "get more B2B sales leads," or some version of that wish. 

4 Ways to Generate More B2B Leads in 2016

Posted by Wendy Marx

Dec 30, 2015

Get more B2B Leads by targeting millennials with these four tips!

Like Miley Cyrus' chastity, the year 2015 has come and gone. And while I could prattle on about what a year it has been and how we're now entering a new era, I won't. Because the reality is that every year zips by faster than the previous one, and one of the best things about the New Year is that we all get to hit the reset button and have another go at success. 

Calls to Action - How to Harness the Power of the Click for B2B Lead Generation

Posted by Wendy Marx

Dec 4, 2015


In your online lifetime, you've likely clicked on hundreds of CTAs, or calls to action. What made you pull the trigger on clicking the button? What made you decide that providing your personal information and adding one more newsletter or advertisement to your inbox was worth it? Without your even knowing it, a CTA likely influenced your decision. 

How to Boost B2B Leads with SlideShare

Posted by Wendy Marx

Nov 24, 2015


Social media for B2B has changed its landscape more times than most of us can count. We all continue to participate in the evolution of an ever-growing share of platforms that started with basics like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Not to mention that there are many of you who have quickly learned how to source Pinterest and Instagram for mobile marketing outreach.

How to Combine PR and Inbound Marketing to Drive Leads

Posted by Wendy Marx

Oct 5, 2015

How to combine PR and Inbound Marketing

Lead generation. It's the holy grail of B2B PR and inbound marketing campaigns. How do you get to drink from that holy cup? Let's check out how using a combined method of PR and inbound marketing will turn your B2B company into a lead generation machine.  

4 Key Ways to Use B2B PR to Get Leads

Posted by Wendy Marx

Aug 26, 2015

Ready to learn how to use B2B PR for lead generation? Check out these four tips.

Is your B2B PR a perpetual fixer-upper? That is to say, is it something you constantly pour money into, without seeing your business grow? If so, then it's time for a complete rehab - right down to the very studs. 

How to Optimize Your B2B Landing Pages for Lead Conversion in 5 Steps!

Posted by Oren Smith

Jan 17, 2014

How to Optimize Your B2B Landing Pages for Lead Conversion in 5 Steps!


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