3 Easy Ways to Use Video to Explode Your B2B Content Marketing

Posted by Pamela Keniston

Want to get in on the video action? Check out how to jump start your B2B content marketing with 2015's number one content tool.

I love seeing videos in my feed -- and I bet you do too! Whether a goofy video of friends, a viral video, or something educational...count me hooked. 

So, since we're all self-admitted video addicts, how can we use that to our advantage? As you know, content marketing is where it's at, and creating video content may be one of the most important steps you can take in a successful content marketing strategy. 

Check out a few reasons why:



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Videos are increasingly a part of our online experience, and if Hedi Cohen is right, video will become the content of choice in 2015. In fact, in August of 2014, Facebook surpassed YouTube in desktop video views. Of course, YouTube still leads in the way in the amount of views across devices. But, you can see the trend... we want videos!

Ummm... So How Do I Get in on the Action?

Video Tip #1: You don't have to spend big bucks

So how can you get in on the hoopla without spending a fortune? Get Spielberg's private number and beg for funding? No need.

In fact, Alisa Meredith over at Scalable Social Media has done the legwork for you. She explains how to do your own videos for under $140:



Video Tip #2: Make your video useful, informative and even a little entertaining

Just like with any type of engaging presentation, you want it to be viewed. Here are some suggestions of videos to create:
  • Speaking engagements where you've presented
  • Time-lapse of your trade show booth activity
  • Product demonstrations
  • Vlogs (someone sitting in front of the camera talking about a subject. Think blogging only in video form)
  • Interviews you've captured of thought leaders
  • 6-Second videos uploaded to Instagram. This could be an introduction to your staff or a quick how-to 
  • Screencasts. These are great for non-tangible goods such as software. Show how to use a feature of your product

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Video Tip #3: Don't be Glum

Remember, whatever your topic, have fun with it! Some of the most helpful videos are passed over because the presenter seems disengaged. Be lively, fun, and show your passion!


They Got it Right, and You Can, too!

Let's check out some live examples of those using video the right way.

Convince and Convert's Jay Baer contributes 3-minute videos several times a week on the subject of social media, marketing, and business. 

As you can see, his style is casual, engaging, and he's avoided the cubicle-style background so we're not bored to death.


Adobe Marketing Cloud decided to put a little humor in its product explanation video:

Love it! They combine humor, a little suspense and curiosity, and still make a point for the necessity of their product.


Whiteboard Animation Studio includes video right on its home page, as well as a portfolio page where you can check out its work. 

(Click here to learn how you can incorporate video into your very own content strategy.)

Full disclosure... over here at Marx Communications we haven't yet included our own video, but we sure love to share them! If you've found a great example of video content marketing let us know in the comments below!


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Jan 28, 2015

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