Why Calls to Action are Vital to Your Press Release Strategy

Posted by Wendy Marx

 Calls to action are not just for blog posts! Learn how using them in your press release gets the results you need!

A good press release needs a solid press release strategy. And that means an effective call to action. A press release without a call to action is like a symphony without a crescendo or a mystery novel without an ending. You get the point. Calls to action are a vital part of a press release because they give the reader a place to go next. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you may not be clear on how to incorporate a call to action in your press release. Let’s look at some examples of how to do just that.  

The Anatomy of a Compelling Call to Action

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Most of us are familiar with what a call to action is. They prompt someone to do something – to take an additional step that will ideally lead them into developing a relationship with your business and ultimately into your sales funnel.

As is pointed out in this article from Press Release Writers - a powerful call to action is one that solves a problem, meets a need, and delivers lasting value. It is one that gets a click to where you want your readers to go. Include a call-to-action statement when writing your press release that specifically asks readers to take the next step to learn more.


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If someone reading your content has taken the time to get to the very end, give them an action to take. That is not to say you have to be over the top or blatant. Sometimes a soft nudge works just fine. Think about encouraging readers of your press release to simply share your content by incorporating social share buttons within your release. This is an easy way to not only get your readers to act, but also to get more eyeballs on your press release through a wider distribution. 



No Two CTAs Are the Same
It is important to tailor your call to action based on your audience. As is stated in this piece by PR Newswire, it's key to prompt an action based on who will see your message. You may need to create multiple messages that encourage separate actions.  An industry analyst or blogger requires a different call to action than a consumer.

Knowing your audience and determining what action you want them to take is central to creating an effective press release strategy. Create your call to action based on what your release is about. If you are announcing a new pricing structure for your product or service, your call to action could guide the reader towards a transaction. The bottom line: Keep your CTAs appropriate for the reader and specific to your message. 

"Don’t bury your call to action because you feel guilty about prodding your audience with it. They expect it, so give them what they want." Amanda Oliver, for Canva 


What Other Press Release Strategy Experts Say
Most PR professionals feel very strongly about calls to action within a press release and the impact they can have. For example, PRWeb states that an effective press release or article does more than just index high in search engine rankings and capture the initial attention of potential customers. It goes a step further, motivating readers to click through to a company's website. This is where the real opportunity to convert web browsers into customers lies.

Allie Freeland, PR Director at ClearVoice told me in a recent interview that "like any type of content, you want the copy of a release to prompt action, otherwise why send it? For press releases you want to lead the release with important information about your product or service announcement, then close with a prompt to get more information through email or your business's website. Always link to provide more information wherever you can."

Lack of a call to action in your press release is a missed opportunity to get engagement and potentially convert a casual web surfer into a lead. Don’t make the mistake of publishing a press release chock full of great content, only to leave your readers stranded. Make your release carry its full weight by making solid calls to action a part of your press release strategy. 

How are you using calls to action in your PR strategy? We’d love to hear your input in the comments below.

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Jun 26, 2014

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